China Has Ramen Milk Tea With Poached Egg, Unusual Combo Confuses Foodies

Ramen Milk Tea From China Will Confuse Your Tastebuds

Instant noodles and milk tea are yummy treats enjoyed separately. But what if one were to put these 2 unlikely elements together?

Shanghai-based store Heqi Taotao serves ramen milk tea with instant noodles and a poached egg.

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Japanese netizen Katsuki (@katsukitomohiro) shared the unique delicacy on Twitter, with his post garnering over 7,900 retweets and 24,000 likes at the time of writing.

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We wonder how our tastebuds will judge this unusual mix of flavours.

Milk tea base is coconut milk

Much like the ramen pudding in Taiwan, these glossy noodles are actually made of collagen pudding. We’re curious how it fares compared to our usual Maggi noodles.

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Naturally, our tastebuds might expect the buttery and smooth flavours of the poached egg once we take a bite. In reality, the deceptive lookalike is just sweet fudge.

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Instead of the usual broth, this delicacy has a milk tea base made of cold-pressed fresh coconut milk.


To enhance the depth of flavour, you’ll also find mango cubes hidden beneath the “noodles”.


Eat it with chopsticks

Just like good ‘ole Maggi noodles, the ramen milk tea is eaten using chopsticks.


Customers claim this drink is sweet and silky but it’s not greasy. Try not to add soy sauce, spicy oil, or coriander because this dessert is meant to be sweet, rather than sour.


Since it’s been some time since news of this innovation first surfaced, we’re unsure if it’s still on the menu. But folks travelling to China or already there can visit this store to check it out:

Heqi Taotao(BeijingDongChengYinHe SOHO Dian)
Beijing Shi, Dong Cheng Qu, Nan Shui Guan Hu Tong 89 Hao
South Waterway Hutong No.89, DongCheng District, Beijing

According to Singaporean YouTuber Sohthirsty who has tried the dessert, each serving costs about S$4.20 (US$3.13).

A new way to have your milk tea

Ramen milk tea seems to be the ideal snack for ramen and milk tea-loving foodies.

Perhaps this treat will make its way here soon so we can satisfy those random cravings for something sweet yet somehow savoury.

Would you be keen to try it? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from @katsukitomohiro on Twitter and Sohthirsty on YouTube.

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