Raybe Oh Underwent 40 Surgeries After Tanjong Pagar Accident, Now Runs Beauty Business: CNA Interview

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Raybe Oh Appears In CNA Interview & Shares About Lifestyle Changes After Tanjong Pagar Accident

While many of us may have forgotten about the fatal car accident that took place in Tanjong Pagar last Chinese New Year on 13 Feb, the injuries sustained during the crash will continue to haunt 27-year-old Raybe Oh for life.

Fire Breaks Out Along Tanjong Pagar Road On CNY 2nd Day, Fatal Crash Involved Car & Shophouse

Upon witnessing the crash, Ms Oh rushed toward the burning car to rescue her boyfriend. The brave attempt, however, proved futile and left burns on 80% of her body.

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia (CNA) almost 1.5 years after the accident, Ms Oh shared that she has since endured more than 40 surgeries. But instead of falling into despair, the brave lady is currently co-running a beauty business with a good friend.

Her lifestyle has also been affected after the accident — she now has to protect her skin by staying away from sunlight.

CNA interview sheds light on Raybe Oh’s recovery process after Tanjong Pagar accident

In what was her first interview on camera since the incident, Ms Oh spoke to CNA about her recovery journey and how her life has changed.

Dressed in a black sweater and pants, she described her recovery process as being “quite tough” and that she was in “a lot of pain” after each surgery.

Source: CNA on Facebook

Four months after the accident, Ms Oh recalled being wrapped like a “mummy” while lying in the hospital bed 24/7. She was also unable to turn her body due to the pain she was in.

Nonetheless, she said she is grateful for the strong support she received from her family, her boyfriend’s family, as well as her close friends.

Has to avoid sunlight to protect skin

Once an active individual who “worked out a lot” and went out with friends often, Ms Oh said she has lost significant muscle mass following the accident and could no longer exercise like she did before.

In addition, she now has to stay away from sunlight to protect her skin. Since Singapore’s weather is warm and humid, she tries to stay indoors as much as possible.

Source: CNA on Facebook

Unlike her life before the accident, she described her life now as “boring”.

Hopes to return to singing one day

The former getai performer also shared that her throat had been hurt from the countless times she had to be intubated.

Source: CL Lim Ah Leong on Facebook

Along with her now-sedentary lifestyle, Ms Oh told CNA that her lung capacity has decreased, which has affected her ability to sing.

However, she hopes to “regain her (my) strength and train her (my) vocals” so she could return to singing one day, which she claimed was her passion.

Currently running a beauty business with a good friend

While it might still be some time yet before she can resume singing, Ms Oh is currently working with a close friend on Royal Skin Haus — a “beauty line business” in Bugis.

Source: CNA on Facebook

Sharing about the venture, she said it has always been her dream to be a “successful business owner”.

Admitting that she had been too complacent with her life before the accident, Ms Oh said she decided to step out of her comfort zone to show that someone with a “strong personality” can achieve anything. All she needed was determination, focus, and discipline.

Crediting her “cheerful character” and “glass half full” perspective, Ms Oh expressed hope for the future.

Instead of looking back at what I’ve lost, I will be looking at what I can achieve in future.

Hope her story will inspire others to live life to the fullest

Despite the loss and pain she has gone through, we’re glad that Ms Oh is finding the strength to lead a normal life.

While her life will probably never be the same again, we’re sure her boyfriend will be proud of how far she has come and how optimistic she is about her future.

We hope her story will inspire others to pursue their dreams and not take life for granted.

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Featured image adapted from CNA on Facebook and Smi Smi on Facebook.

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