Razer Fans Request Household Appliances Like Hair Dryer, Stove & Fridge

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Razer Toaster Leads To Fans Asking For Other Household Items

For some reason, Razer fans were euphoric when CEO Tan Min-Liang announced that the company was going to start building the long-awaited Razer Toaster.


Having renewed their hope, fans are now hoping for more Razer household appliances like stoves, fridges, and hair dryers.

In a style similar to the Facebook ‘petition’ group for the toaster, this new one is called “Project Razer Household“.


Razer stoves, fridges and hair dryers

First on the list of household wants — a fridge. A menacing jet black body of steel with that iconic jagged wheel of green.


Next up, we’ve got the induction stove. Also in black, because that’s the theme.


And let’s not forget the hair dryers, because no gamer wants to be impeded by wet hair while racking kills on the virtual scoreboard.


There’s also an iron emblazoned with the Razer name and logo — perhaps a foolproof way to get even the most elusive gamer to do some household chores.


Lastly, a black leather sofa, because every gamer wants to feel absolute comfort while working their way up the competitive scoreboards.


Some users put a little more effort in their ‘pitches’, including tech specs of gaming devices.


Another sets his dream product up in a semi-believable advertisement.


Basically, just turn every single household appliance imaginable into black, and slap on a Razer name and logo.

Razer CEO not having any of it

However, while we laud the group’s efforts, they’ll perhaps need to work a little harder this time around.

Sorry to break it to you, but the man himself isn’t going to fulfil any of these household appliance fantasies.

Hopes and dreams, all dashed

In the meantime, we’re sure the group will come up with more innovative ways to persuade Razer to adopt their ideas.

After all, if they succeeded once, they can do it again.

But for now, they can celebrate their sweet toaster victory.


A perfectly charred piece of toast, beautifully marked with the iconic triple-headed snake logo.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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