Sakura Pink Razer Laptops & Keyboards Are Out Now, And They’re Badass To Boot

Pink Razer Laptops Launched On 30 Jan

With rise of female gamers on streaming platforms like Twitch, Razer is quickly recognising that there’s a market for the hyper pink aesthetic.

Who could forget the adorable cat-eared D.Va Razer Meka headset they released last year?


Razer’s impressive launch of this year’s collection on Wednesday (30 Jan) is a full-out extension of that.


Expect lush sheens of pastel pink, with pure blue-white LED lights on everything from gaming laptops to headphones, keyboards, controllers and speakers.

Here’s how Razer is pushing the envelope by making sure their hardware looks prettier in pink — and badass in equal measure.

Literally pink everything

Razer takes the millennial pastel aesthetic to the extreme.

They’ve created a blushing pink metal colour palette reminiscent of the rose-gold craze that swept iPhone 6S lovers circa 2016.


The Razer Blade Stealth Pink Quartz Laptop, for instance is joy to behold. While it’s not available online in Singapore yet, the limited edition computer retails at a whopping S$2,159.90. This will also be Razer’s first foray into a fully pink laptop.


As for the peripherals, you can order the Razer Kraken Quartz Pink Headset (S$159.90) and Razier Seiren X Compact Mic (S$159.90) on their site. Now you can still look fabulous when you’re engaging in an intense Overwatch session with your gaming kakis.


Besides headsets, there’s also this gorgeous Razer Raiju PS4 Controller (S$239.90) so you’ll instantly know which one is yours among the shared pile.

That’s a power move that’s guaranteed to psych out your opponents from the start, since you’ll be using special equips IRL.


Finally, we absolutely adore the Razer Huntsman Quartz Pink Keyboard (S$229.90), with an underlying glowing white LED light display.

Pair it with a Razer Basilisk Mouse (S$109.90) with 16,000 DPI and you’ll be fully armed to sweetly all-kill entire legions of in-game enemies.


Just like Razer’s iconic mechanical keyboards, the Razer Chroma tech switches up the colours to set the mood during your gameplay. But we think the blue-white glow definitely complements the entire set best.

Free shipping above $99

As most products are already above $99, you’ll be able to hit the requirement for free shipping in Singapore quite easily.

You can order everything online but the laptop here on their site. Granted you’re willing to fork out these hefty amounts for beautiful gaming equipment, of course.


We can’t wait for the pink Razer laptops to hit Singapore’s shores too. Until then, let’s pop a bottle of Mountain Dew in honour of this collection.


We’ve reached out to Razer Singapore to confirm if the laptops will be available in Singapore soon. Fingers crossed.

Featured image from Team Razer on Instagram.

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