Razer Producing & Donating Masks To Support Covid-19 Fight

Razer may be a gaming company, but when it comes to Singapore, they’re always willing to step up and pitch in when the need arises.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Min-Liang Tan announced on 1 Apr that Razer will be setting up a mask manufacturing line right here in Singapore.


The process will be fully automated, and the aim is to produce a few million masks monthly.

Razer aims for “couple of million” certified masks monthly

Singapore could always use more masks, what with the global shortage at the moment.

Razer are planning to produce a “couple of million” of them monthly, Mr Tan said.

In good news, these will go to Singaporeans as well as other Southeast Asian countries that need them.

Shipping masks to government bodies

Razer recently received their first shipment of masks from China on Monday (30 Mar) after moving their manufacturing line there.


These masks will be donated to government bodies.

Social and Family Development Minister Desmond Lee reports that the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) received masks from Razer just yesterday (1 Apr).


Workers from the NCSS were undoubtedly grateful for the additional supplies.


Kudos to Razer for aiding fight against Covid-19

Government bodies may not be “gamers” in the sense that we know them. Regardless, Razer is doing right by Singaporeans in their fight against Covid-19 by providing masks.

Kudos to Razer for stepping up in this pivotal moment to ensure that countries are getting the help they need.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.