Religious Gatherings Of Up To 50 People May Resume From 26 Jun, Safe Distancing Still Necessary

Religious Gatherings Will Gradually Resume As Phase 2 Begins, But No Singing Is Allowed Yet

After a long wait, Phase 2 is well and truly upon us. This means that activities will slowly return to a “new normal”, including religious activities.

In particular, congregational and other worship services may resume from 26 Jun, with up to 50 people at a time.


Safe management measures will need to be in place

In a media release on Thursday (18 Jun), the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) announced that organisations would need to submit safe management plans at least 3 days before resuming activities.

That’s why the services can only resume on 26 Jun, to allow organisations time to formulate and submit their plans.

These safe management plans will need to include manpower deployment in ensuring safe distancing measures.


In particular, a safe distance of 1 metre  must be maintained among worship-goers either individually or in groups of not more than 5.

Singing and other live performances will still not be allowed for the time being.

For closed venues, organisations will need to ensure good ventilation is in place, such as opening doors and windows.


Sharing of prayer items such as communion will also not be permitted.

Other non-worship activities will slowly resume

Aside from worship itself, other activities will also resume slowly, with caps on the maximum number of people.

Marriage solemnisations, wakes and funerals will be allowed with no more than 20 people on-site, not including religious and supporting workers.

The visiting of columbaria will also be allowed, as well as niche installations for families.


With religious organisations encouraged to fulfill the needs of their communities, recordings and broadcasts can also be made as long as they keep to the 10-person cap.


Slow but steady improvement

With these new measures, we are slowly but surely emerging from the dark cloud of Covid-19.

However, let’s not let the reduced cases and relaxation of measures make us complacent.

Do continue to practice safe distancing measures and good hygiene so that we can fully fight off this disease.

Featured image adapted from Expat Living, Singapore and Time Out.

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