Rendang Condoms In M’sia Could Be The Key To Spicing Up Your Love Life

Rendang Condoms Apparently Taste & Smell Like  Lemongrass & Coconut

Rendang is very often the best dish to accompany a fragrant bowl of nasi lemak or biryani. But who says rendang can only bring pleasure to your tongue?

ONE, a Malaysian condom company recently launched Super Sensitive Rendang Condoms that could be the secret weapon to spicing up your love life.


Rendang condoms cost $1.94 for 3

According to SAYS, ONE’s rendang condoms were inspired by the ‘crispy chicken rendang‘ saga from last year.


As you’d expect, the condoms are reportedly made to recreate the unique mix of spices and ingredients that one would typically find in rendang.


These include:

  • Galangal
  • Grated coconut
  • Kaffir leaves
  • Lemongrass
  • Tumeric

Folks from SAYS allegedly sniffed and tasted it and claim it smells primarily like coconut, lemongrass and a mix of other spices.

ONE’s rendang condoms are available on their online store. They come in packets of 3s and cost just S$1.94 (RM5.85) — even cheaper than rendang from the nasi padang stall.


However, it appears that these condoms can only be shipped to a Malaysian address.

So if you know someone who stays in Malaysia, ship this to their place and have them forward it to you in Singapore. That said, you’ll have to deal with the awkwardness when they ask you what’s in the parcel.

It is also available at major pharmacies and convenience stores like Guardian, Watsons, and 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia.

Durian, nasi lemak, and teh tarik condoms

The rendang condom isn’t the first unique flavour that ONE has launched.

Since 2016, the Malaysian company has released whacky condom flavours like durian, nasi lemak, and even teh tarik.


However, at the time of writing, only the teh tarik condom appears to be available for purchase on ONE’s online store.


Chendol condom next?

If you’d like something unusual to spice up your love life, give ONE’s rendang condom a try!

That said, what other flavours would you and your partner hope to see ONE launch next? Chendol? Prata? Laksa? Share them in the comments below, and who knows, you might very well see it being released in the near future!

Featured image adapted from SAYS.

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