Family Sets Up Red Carpet At Changi Airport To Welcome Grandma, 1st Reunion In 3 Years

Family Reunites With Grandma, Sets Up Red Carpet To Welcome Her To Singapore

After years of strict Covid-19 policies, China has finally relaxed its border measures, allowing people to travel both in and out of the country.

On Sunday (8 Jan), many people showed up at Changi Airport in anticipation to reunite with loved ones as the first few flights began arriving from China.

According to 8World News, one family of four even set up a red carpet for their grandma’s arrival.

Completing the little welcome parade, the children also held up a sign and flowers to welcome her.

Family sets up red carpet to greet grandma at Changi Airport

A video shows the family setting up a mini red carpet at about 1.50pm at the arrival hall in Changi Airport Terminal 1.

The father could be seen adjusting the fabric just moments before the big reunion.

Source: 8World News on Facebook

At one end of the red carpet stood a young girl and boy.

The boy held a bouquet of flowers while the girl held up a sign that read “A warm welcome, dear grandma” in Chinese.

Soon, an elderly woman emerged, with airport staff pushing her out in a wheelchair.

At this point, the mother, who is believed to be the grandma’s daughter, went up to greet her excitedly.

The father gestured toward the red carpet before approaching her.

Mustering her strength, the grandma got up from the wheelchair and shared a brief hug with him.

In a touching moment, the grandma then held her two grandchildren in a tight embrace.

reunion red carpet changi

Source: 8World News on Facebook

Many await loved ones as China flights arrive in Singapore

The first two flights from China arrived in Singapore in close succession on Sunday (8 Jan).

Information on Changi Airport’s website states that China Southern Airlines flight CZ6051 arrived from Zhengzhou at 1.56pm, while Xiamen Airlines flight MF873 arrived from Hangzhou at 1.53pm.

8World News reports that countless people were seen waiting for their loved ones at the arrival hall.

One of them was Mr Yan, who had not seen his wife and children in over four years. The last time he saw them was in 2018.

Mr Yan, who lives in Singapore, shared that he had not returned to China because of the pandemic.

After years of only seeing them through phone screens, he was looking forward to reuniting with his family.

Source: 8world News

One woman, Ms Yu, was there with her husband and two young children to fetch her mother-in-law, whom they hadn’t seen in three years.

The last time she saw her mother-in-law, Ms Yu was still pregnant with her daughter, who is now three years old.

MOH said they are monitoring Covid-19 situation

As China’s borders reopen, a wave of Chinese travellers is expected after years of strict travel curbs.

According to Reuters, these travellers are expected mainly in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, which has not imposed additional travel restrictions.

On the other hand, countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and the United States currently require Chinese travellers to produce a negative Covid-19 test.

This has led to public concern here due to the high level of infections in China.

Previously on 30 Dec, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said they are keeping a close watch on the global Covid-19 situation.

The ministry is also monitoring our healthcare system to ensure that travellers do not burden hospitals significantly.

MOH said they stand ready to reinstate border health measures for selected countries if warranted by the public health system.

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Featured image adapted from 8World News on Facebook.

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