Singaporean Artist’s Robert The Otter Comic Is Perfect Guide For Couples Living Together

Married and cohabiting couples, often sink into this routine life – work, dinner, sleep, work – and the cycle repeats.

When work gets overwhelming, it becomes easy to neglect certain chores like keeping your abode of love clean.


If you can, unfortunately, relate to this, fret not. Robert the Otter has come up with a complete guide teaching us how we can be more helpful to our significant otter — we mean, other.


Netizens apparently found it helpful, as the post has amassed a whopping 24,000 shares and 5,100 likes on Facebook.

Robert the Otter says women have “the mental load”

It all happened one day when the Singaporean artist behind Robert the Otter got scolded by his wife. He was admonished for not helping with house chores — possibly a very familiar scenario experienced by many Singaporeans.

After reflecting, here’s something Robert realised. According to Robert, women today are loaded with tons of responsibilities on top of their full-time job.

Ranging from taking care of children to nitty-gritty house chores, women are constant worriers and hardly have time to rest.

This was something Robert referred to as “The Mental Load”. But some of the burden, like house chores, can actually be shared between the couple.

So today, Robert the Otter presents to you the ultimate cleaning guide “for all men, women, children and animals”. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better and helpful partner.

“How to clean” by Robert the Otter

Before embarking on your mission to clean the entire house, here’s an apartment summary of places that needs maintenance and their ideal cleaning frequency.

For example, toilets should be cleaned out every week to prevent bacteria from breeding. This is because, the “greatest risk of infection comes from surfaces”, even on toilet door handles.

Pro tip from Robert the Otter: Flush your toilet with the seat down to prevent germs and poop from splashing out.

There are also some chores that have to be done more frequently as well – from washing the dishes daily to changing bath towels – these small details can easily lead to a cleaner and healthier home environment.

Here’s a few more comics on managing your home maintenance.

Ladies, you should definitely take note of the above.

Helping with house chores let you lose calories

If you’re feeling sian just by thinking of the amount of work that has to be done, it’s all about shifting mindsets.


Because if you think about it, not only would completing chores make your partner happy, you get to burn calories as well.

You can click here to read the entire guide in full.

Happy wife, happy life

By sharing the load of simple things like house chores, you are also lifting off this huge mental load from someone else.

After all, as people always say: Happy wife, happy life. Hopefully, thanks to Robert the Otter’s adorable comics, you and your partner will get the better hang of cohabitating peacefully from now on.

All images are sourced and adapted from Robert the Otter unless otherwise stated.