9 People Charged For Gathering At Robertson Quay, Face $10,000 Fine For Each Charge

9 Individuals Charged Over Robertson Quay, Including Foreigner, Employment Pass Holder & PR

Update (16 Jun): 2 more British nationals were charged on Tuesday (16 Jun) for meeting along Robertson Quay during the ‘Circuit Period’.

The 2 men, aged 34 and 30, do not live in the same household, but met each other on 16 May to “chat and drink”, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Both men were reportedly charged with one count of flouting Covid-19 regulations each and face a jail sentence of up to 6 months, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

Pictures of men and women gathering outside restaurants at Robertson Quay last month sparked concerns among netizens.

Robertson Quay Crowds Spotted On Day 40 Of Circuit Breaker, Netizens Express Concerns

A ban soon followed, forbidding people patrons from dabao-ing alcohol from restaurants there.

On Tuesday (2 Jun), 7 people – comprising 6 men and 1 woman – were charged in court for breaching safe-distancing measures during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.


7 individuals charged for flouting safe-distancing measures

According to CNA, the 7 individuals, aged between 30 and 52, were charged for “various offences”.

Their cases were reportedly adjourned to 16 Jun and a $3,000 bail was set for each of them, despite objections from some lawyers representing the accused individuals.

Those facing the charges range from foreigners to employment pass holders to permanent residents.

If found guilty of flouting Covid-19 regulations, each accused individual faces a jail term of up to 6 months, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

Netizens expressed concern over Robertson Quay gathering

Singaporeans earlier expressed concerns when netizen Lectress Pat shared photos of a group of individuals gathering along Robertson Quay on 16 May.


Social distancing was clearly not observed and some didn’t even have their masks on.

A group of 3 was even seen drinking beer from plastic cups along the sidewalk.


Hope this serves as a warning for others

While the 7 individuals have yet to be found guilty for their charges, we hope it still serves as a warning for others in Singapore to abide by safe-distancing measures.

Even though the ‘Circuit Breaker’ is over, the threat of the coronavirus is as real as ever. One misstep can easily bring us back to square 1, and especially since we just got out of the 2-month ‘Circuit Breaker’, that’s really the last thing we want.

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