Man Who Stole Rolex Watches Described As “Tall, Good-Looking & In Early 20s”

When someone is young, tall, and a sight for sore eyes, most people would think they’d do well in a modelling career.

Though for one young man, he decided to go over to the dark side — because they have Rolex watches, apparently.


On Wednesday (13 Jun), drama descended on a watch store in Far East Plaza when the young man in question allegedly stole 2 diamond-encrusted Rolex watches worth a total of $150,000.

According to The Straits Times, he had walked in wearing a fake Rolex watch, but fled the shop with the real watches.


He is now a wanted man.

1st customer of the day

It started out as an uneventful day at HJ Luxury, when the young lad walked into the shop around noon. He was their 1st customer for the day.

The man was said to have asked to view an array of Rolex watches that “were not suited for his age.”

His unusual request led the 35-year-old shopkeeper, Ms Liew, to suspect that something was amiss. She nevertheless presented him a small tray of watches.

Ran off with 2 Rolex watches he asked for

With a sleight of hand, the young man snatched the 2 diamond-encrusted Rolex watches from the tray and took off.


Shocked, Ms Liew dashed after him. Other shopkeepers tried to stop him too, but they lost him after he escaped through a nearby staircase leading to the main road.


A CCTV footage shows the dramatic scene of the chase. The lad was seen running to the corridor on his left.


Alleged thief “tall and good-looking”

Ms Liew described the thief as “tall, good-looking and in his early 20s”.

And apparently, sloppy as well — because he left his fingerprints on multiple glass surfaces in the shop.

She added that he had left his fake Rolex and an empty bag behind, which the police have collected as evidence.

Could’ve done better for himself

It’s a shame that a young lad like him chose to jeopardise his future by this unthinking act. Instead of making the most of his life, he now faces the grim possibility of going to jail.

So, make choices wisely in life, folks.

Also, the police is appealing for information about the case. If you have any information, you can send it in via their hotline, 1800-255-0000, or submit it online at

Featured image from Facebook and The Straits Times.