Woman gets room with killer view of ocean in Italy, turns out it was a deviously-placed poster

Woman gets room with view of ocean, but it was actually just a poster

TikTok user @clarisamurgia was taken for a ride when she booked what she thought was her dream holiday accommodation. The woman booked a room promising a view of the ocean, but what she got instead was a giant concrete wall with a poster of the beach.

Marvelling over the ridiculousness of the situation, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Bamboozled by a room promising a view of the ocean

On 17 May, TikTok user @clarisamurgia made a post to show off her accommodation for her trip to Italy.  According to her, she was promised a B&B with a view of the sea.

Source: @clarisamurgia on TikTok

A quick glance at the window might give one that impression. But upon closer inspection, what initially appeared to be a fantastic view of the sea turned out to be a shabby-looking poster covering up the white wall of the adjacent building.

Source: @clarisamurgia on TikTok

“I’ve never been deceived like this before,” she said in the post.

However, she couldn’t help but find humour in how ridiculous the situation was.

Netizens share in her disbelief

Plenty of laughs were had at the TikTok user’s expense. However, several netizens said that they also initially believed that the poster was the real deal.

Source: @clarisamurgia on TikTok

One commenter said that for a moment, they believed it was real.

Source: @clarisamurgia on TikTok

Another offered a good travelling tip: to always check street view on Google before booking.

Source: @clarisamurgia on TikTok

Yet another said that technically the room did have a view of the ocean.

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Featured image adapted from @clarisamurgia on TikTok

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