2,700 Malls, Supermarkets & Hospitals Have New SafeEntry Scanners, Just Tap To Enter

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SafeEntry Gateway Boxes Rolled Out At 2,700 Locations Around Singapore

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, SafeEntry has been an ubiquitous feature in our lives. But there’s been one limitation: for those of us with phones, we need to open a QR reader to check in.

This may soon be a thing of the past, as contactless SafeEntry scanners will allow us to seamlessly check into malls and supermarkets without fiddling with our phones.

New SafeEntry Scanner Lets You Tap Your Token & Phone To Enter, No More QR Code Reading

From Monday (19 Apr), SafeEntry Gateways (SEGW), as these scanners are called, are now in place at malls, supermarkets, and hospitals.

SafeEntry Gateway at 2,700 places around Singapore

If you have a TraceTogether token or app installed on your phone, a simple tap will suffice for checking in to various locations.

You can find the SafeEntry Gateway boxes at the following places:


Note that the scanners aren’t supposed to replace existing modes of entry, but are meant to be an addition.

Image courtesy of SNDGG

So you can still scan QR codes for checking in if you wish.

You can test whether your TraceTogether token is working as well, using the SEGW.

Image courtesy of SNDGG

Do note that if you use the TraceTogether app with SEGW, your history won’t be displayed in the History tab.

Additionally, you also need Bluetooth enabled on your phone to use SEGW with your TraceTogether app.

Added convenience for contact tracing

Contact tracing might seem a little like extra work.

But we’re in fact living in a pandemic, so contact tracing is highly necessary to ensure authorities are able to contain any virus spread.

In light of that, we should keep checking in at venues and indirectly keep Covid-19 from spreading out of control.

For more information, you can check the SafeEntry site here.

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Featured image courtesy of SNDGG.

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