New SafeEntry Scanner Lets You Tap Your Token & Phone To Enter, No More QR Code Reading

New Contactless SafeEntry Scanner Will Progressively Roll Out From 19 Apr

It’s been close to 10 months of us using SafeEntry and checking in to places. However, many still relate to the frustrating struggle of being unable to scan a QR code and embarrassingly holding up the line.


Well, this might soon be a problem of the past.

From 19 Apr, SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) – a sensor that allows for contactless scanning of the TraceTogehter app and token – will be deployed at selected venues.


These will serve as alternative check-in method to complement existing systems.

New SafeEntry Gateway scanner

According to folks behind SafeEntry, SEGW works by detecting Bluetooth signals either from the physical token or mobile app.

New Safeentry scannerSource

This will hopefully provide a faster and more seamless experience for Singaporeans when checking in at certain venues.

All visitors have to do is bring their TraceTogether token or mobile devices within 25cm of the SEGW sensor.

Visitors who have successfully checked-in will see a green light on the detector accompanied by a beep sound.

New Safeentry scannerSource

The process is as easy as tapping one’s EZ-link card at the bus or MRT gantry.

Available as alternative check-in method

Those who have gotten accustomed to the practice of scanning their tokens or QR codes need not worry, as those check-in methods will still be available.

The SEGW will only serve as an additional mode of check-in at places with high visitorship from 19 Apr.

Venues that will deploy SEGW are as follows:

  • Cinemas
  • Funeral parlour with wake halls
  • Hospitals, national specialty centres, community Hospitals, and polyclinics
  • Malls and large standalone stores
  • Places of worship with over 100 people
  • Public libraries
  • Selected museums, heritage institutions, and galleries
  • Selected wet markets
  • Supermarkets

Other venues such as schools, hotels, and gyms are also encouraged to deploy SEGW.

You can find out more about SEGW here.

Look forward to more convenient check-ins

With SEGW, we can certainly look forward to faster and more convenient SafeEntry check-ins.

Let’s also hope that this will also translate to shorter check-in lines at malls during peak hours and weekends.

One thing’s for sure, we won’t miss standing in front of a QR code as our phones refuse to cooperate.

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