Sake Labo In Chinatown Offers Free Lunch To Individuals In Need, No Strings Attached

Sake Labo Has Limited Portions Of Free Lunch Available For Starving Diners

Inflation is at a record high, and diners are understandably suffering as a result. For the less fortunate, it’s been difficult to find eateries with affordable meals, even in hawker centres.

Fortunately, a local Japanese restaurant has decided to tackle the issue in a rare show of goodwill. As part of an ongoing initiative, Sake Labo in Chinatown is offering free lunches to diners.

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Open to all who step onto their premises, anyone is welcome to request a free bowl of hot udon from their service staff. Do take note, however, that only limited portions are available daily.

Sake Labo offers free lunch to diners

Speaking to MS News, a spokesperson from Sake Labo shared that diners can enjoy free lunches at their restaurant.

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All customers have to do is approach their service staff to redeem the meal. No proof of poverty or hunger will be necessary.

“However, we do make it a point to explain to those who ask, that we are doing this for the real poor and needy,” the spokesperson added.

The deal will not be available for dinner or breakfast, with limited portions extended to customers daily. Diners would thus have to be quick to redeem their meal before it runs out.

Philanthropic effort by company

Hedonism Hospitality, the firm responsible for bringing Sake Labo to our shores, started the initiative back in January. They plan to run it for as long as they are able.

Since one of their core values focuses on philanthropic efforts, they began offering free lunches to diners this year.

“We did not need to wait until the company earns the first million dollars or grows until a certain size to be able to do good,” they said.

While Hedonism Hospitality is still a young and small firm, they have decided to do all they can to support the poor and hungry.

The managing director of the company, Mr Raymond Lim, actively volunteers with Willing Hearts — a charity operating a soup kitchen for the needy.

He considered the initiative as a social cause to assist those less fortunate.

“The original intention is intrinsically altruistic,” the spokesperson for Sake Labo shared with MS News.

To reach out to the needy in our communities [such as] old uncles/aunties collecting cardboard and cans, and not to do any marketing on social media.

A tasteful bar bringing sake dining culture to Singapore

That’s not all that’s special about Sake Labo.

This restaurant in particular offers a wide range of choices when it comes to sake and Japanese cuisine.

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As a unique retail and dining concept, patrons will not only enjoy an otherworldly culinary experience but a cultural one as well.

For those interested, here’s how to get there:

Sake Labo Singapore
Address: 29 Stanley Street, Singapore 068738
Opening hours: 12pm-2.30pm & 5pm-10.30pm on weekdays, 5pm-10.30pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer Station

An exciting, much-needed initiative

With the economic state of the world as dire as it currently is, we need a helping hand to assist us every now and then.

Kudos to Sake Labo for taking the initiative for helping fellow Singaporeans.

Hopefully, more restaurants will be inspired by their actions and follow in their footsteps.

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