Sakura Season Returns To Singapore, Heralding A Second Spring In The Heartlands

Singapore Sakura Season Returns As Stunning Pink Flowers Bloom Islandwide

We all know that friend in our clique who’s obsessed with finding the chio-est backdrops for #OOTDs.

With Singapore’s ‘second spring‘ officially arriving in our heartlands, that friend can simply head down to a HDB void deck within the next 3 weeks to catch this amazing view.


On Sunday (15 Sep), NParks posted a series of photos heralding the return of the trumpet flowers and other beautiful blooms across the island.

With the dreary dry spells of August leaving us with brown, parched grass — the blossoms are a sight for sore eyes as they brighten up the scenery of Singapore.

Bougainvillea & trumpet flowers add vibrant colours to drab expressways

NParks has explained that the mass flowering of trumpet trees across Singapore is induced by dry spells in April and August.

Dry spells help flowers to bloom magnificently

Redditor u/Radon88 summed up the return of the ‘sakura season’ beautifully in this magnificent picture of the view outside a flat in Tampines.


The trumpet flowers aren’t the only blossoms thriving now.

The brief showers in end-August could have led to the mass flowering phenomenon. This is the case for many other flowers that have bloomed as well.


The Malayan Crape Myrtle looks stunning with its young leaves in a bright shade of red. When flowering, it produces gorgeous pink and purple flowers.


If pink isn’t your favourite colour, you can check out the vibrant Cat Claw Ivy or look out for the subtle Bintangor Bunut flowers!


However, the blossoms of the perennial trees will only last from 1 to 3 weeks after blooming. Best to catch them while they are still in season.

A second spring to cherish

As we approach the last quarter of the hectic year, Singapore’s sakura season is a timely reminder for us to take a break from work and take some time to smell the, well, trumpet flowers.

White trumpet flowers in East Coast Park

Be it on a walk or on the ride home, we hope that you can enjoy the Singapore sakura season and all that our nature has to offer.

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Singapore Sakura Season Returns As Stunning Pink Flowers Bloom Islandwide

Featured image adapted from NParks on Facebook.

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