Warm, Dry Weather With Slight Chance Of Haze Predicted For August

Scorching Hot Weather Is Far From Over In Singapore

After two blessed weeks of respite from the heat, the weather is about to take a turn for the worse in August.

Singapore is expected to experience 26°C to 33°C weather with some days exceeding 34°C, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

In summary, the first half of August will be drier than the last two weeks of July.

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So set aside money for your electricity bills because you’ll need to put the AC on full blast to survive.

Warm & dry weather

As the Southwest Monsoon conditions continue to prevail, expect temperatures of more than 34°C during the day, with minimum temperatures of around 28°C at nighttime.

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The MSS predicts that the city will experience warm and dry weather.

Singapore may also experience occasional haze due to forest fires in neighbouring Sumatra and southern Kalimantan.


Chill on rainy days

Keep calm and survive because the hot blast of the sun won’t last forever.

Thunderstorms in the morning or early afternoon will provide respite from the unbearable summer weather. Storms in Sumatra will also lead to rainy days and gusty winds for one or two days to the city.


Unfortunately, the amount of rainfall on the city will still be below average.


Singapore weather will get hotter faster

Whether or not you’ve reduced your carbon footprint, we’re all bound to suffer from hotter temperatures.

MSS’ Climate Simulation report found that Singapore temperatures will soar by up to 40°C by 2045. We’re hoping this doesn’t come to pass because our electricity bills are bound to reach new heights.

Here’s to hoping that Singapore and other countries will focus on a workable Carbon Tax to decrease the impact of global warming.

If the Singapore heat keeps soaring, we might resort to living in floating homes in the near future.

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