Rest Of July Will Bring More Rain & Thundery Showers & S’poreans Are Rejoicing

Second Half Of July 2019 Will See More Rain And Thundery Showers

We need to talk about the weather. Because there’ll be lots of rain and thundery showers in the second half of July.

This means outdoor plans may have to be scrapped.


The remainder of this week doesn’t look too bad — thunderstorm on Wed (17 Jul) and another on Sunday (20 Jul).

The following week will see a lot more precipitation. Rain on pretty much every day. Temperatures are alright — an average of 32°C in the day and a cradle-song 27°C during the nights.

As for the final week of July, the clouds are clearly not done with their business — more rain and thundery showers.

If you’re still figuring out whether a raincoat works better than an umbrella, next week is a good week to advance that project.

Singaporeans love the rain

For all the humid heat we’ve been enduring, the rain is a godsend.

Such praises were echoed in almost religious fashion among those in the comments.


When we said “in almost religious fashion”, we mean in religious fashion — sometimes at least.


Like a true global citizen, one appreciated our copious rainfall by comparing Singapore to places with frequent droughts.


Others were more straightforward with their gratitude.


May the weather be in your favour

Now that you have a sense of the weather in the next 2 weeks, you should be able to plan ahead better.

Okay folks, that ends our short weather report for the month of July. Till next month and may the weather be in your favour.

Featured image from Danny Santos.

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