Samyang Now Has Spicy Lava Eggs & Hard Boiled Eggs With Fire Noodle Sauce Available In Korea

Samyang Spicy Egg Is A New Addition To The Family

The Samyang craze is out of hand.

It all started off with the infamous Korean Spicy Noodles. Months later, other Samyang snacks like the spicy almond started surfacing.


And as if that’s not enough, now Samyang also has spicy eggs, according to HK magazine Jetso.


These eggs are sold in boxes of 2 for 2000won (S$2.33) at Korean convenience stores.


Reports of Samyang eggs first surfaced in April 2019, although it’s possible that these particular spicy eggs are a new creation from Samyang.

2 forms of Samyang spicy eggs

There are 2 variations of the Samyang spicy eggs:

  • Lava Eggs
  • Hard-boiled eggs


Lava eggs, as their name suggests, are eggs with runny, lava-like yolk, somewhat similar to the eggs we find in Japanese ramen.


As for the hard-boiled eggs, they are similar to the ones Koreans like having to have after a relaxing spa session.


The only thing that makes these 2 eggs special this time, is that each pack of eggs come with a sachet of Samyang fire noodle sauce.

The sachet of spicy sauce is packed separately so it’s easy for you to control the amount of spice you’d like on your eggs.


Ways to enjoy this delicacy

There’s a variety of ways you can incorporate this delicacy into your meals.

You can choose to eat these eggs either heated or straight off the shelves. You can even add them into a packet of Korean spicy noodle to get the full Samyang experience.


Still not available in Singapore

Unfortunately, the Samyang spicy eggs are still not available in Singapore.

However, if you’re planning a trip to Korea, do check their convenience stores where you might be able to get your hands on these spicy eggs.

Picture of a Korean convenience store.

Are you brave enough to try these spicy eggs? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature images adapted from Bastille Post and Sina Entertainment

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