Santouka Ramen At $3.10 Per Bowl On 10 Mar

In a few days, it will be Santouka day. You’re probably thinking, Santouka what?

Santouka is a Hokkaido ramen restaurant, and on Santouka day (10 Mar), you can get a bowl of piping hot and aromatic ramen for just $3.10 at their The Central outlet.


The bowls normally cost around $14 each.

4 flavours

There’ll be 4 flavours of broth available for your choosing — Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Kara-Miso. Here’s a short 101 about ramen broths in case you’ve been choosing them by rolling a dice.

Shio means ‘salt’. The broth is light-coloured, clear and, naturally, slightly saltier than the other 3 flavours.


Shoyu means ‘soy sauce’, which is why Shoyu broths are a mix of salty and sweet.


Miso is usually used in soups served as sides. The ingredient will give the broth a unique cloudy appearance as well as a unique taste.


Finally, Kara-Miso is just like Miso, except with a hint of spiciness.


E-coupon for redemption

Unlike most promotions, you can’t just walk in and order a bowl for $3.10.

You have to show the staff an e-coupon, which you can get when you sign up on the JPassport website. The process shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes.


Each customer will only be allowed to redeem the coupon once. It’s obviously going to be buffet-style, gladiator chaos if there wasn’t a limit.

Promo lasts the whole day

Santouka’s ramen promotion lasts the entire day. So it doesn’t matter whether you want ramen for brunch, lunch, teatime or dinner — you’ll get your delicious $3.10 medium-sized ramen.

Happy Santouka day, fellow ramen rangers.

Address: The Central #02-76, (S)059817
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (9.45pm last order)
Telephone: +65 6224 0668
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay

Featured image from Instagram and Facebook.