Carouseller Scammed Of S$9,900 After Listing LV Bag, Buyer Led Her To Fake In-App Payment Page

Woman Taken To ‘Carousell’ Website For ‘Buyer’ To Make Payment For Bag, Gets Scammed Instead

Buying and selling items over Carousell has become a way of life for Singaporeans, but we should still be wary of scams when doing so.

One can become a victim even when they’re selling stuff, as a Singapore woman recently found out.

She put her branded bag on sale only to lose S$9,900 to a scammer.

Thankfully, she managed to get the money back from the bank.

Scammed woman had tried to sell bag over Carousell

The victim was a 28-year-old nurse named Lu Jiamin (transliterated from Mandarin), reported Shin Min Daily News.

She told the paper that she created a listing on Carousell on 21 June, intending to sell her Louis Vuitton bag.

Soon, what appeared to be a prospective buyer expressed interest in her bag.

‘Buyer’ says they sent payment via CarouPay

The other party said they wanted to buy a bag for their mother and asked her to send photos of it to an email address.

After that, the ‘buyer’ professed satisfaction and told her they’d sent her the payment via CarouPay.

The payment method is an in-app feature that allows you to pay via PayLah!, credit or debit cards without going through bank transfers.

However, Ms Lu didn’t have this installed and didn’t understand the process.

Woman clicks email link, taken to fake website

Nevertheless, she trusted the ‘buyer’ and shortly received an email purportedly from the Carousell Singapore team.

Ms Lu was told to click a link in the email to confirm the deal, and it took her to a website that appeared to be Carousell’s website.

Source: Shin Min Daily News

She now believes that it was a fake website.

Woman scammed after keying in details on ‘Carousell’ website to sell bag

Ms Lu was led to log into her Carousell account and key in her bank account info to set up CarouPay.

After she did this, Ms Lu unexpectedly received two transfer notices from her bank.

They told her that S$9,900 had been remitted overseas.

She immediately logged into her bank account and lowered her transfer limit, then told them to freeze her account.

Her quick actions managed to prevent the scammer from making a third transaction.

Finally, she made a police report.

She gets money back

At first, the police told Ms Lu that her money had gone overseas and couldn’t be recovered.

She also learnt that this Carousell scam had been rampant in Malaysia, but started happening in Singapore recently.

This initially made her sad, and she “cried a lot”, she told Shin Min.

However, she received happy news from the bank on 23 June: her money had been recovered and would be fully refunded.

She felt that she had been lucky, and wanted to share her experience as a warning to others.

Scammer’s account suspended by Carousell

Carousell has said that the scammer’s account was suspended after an investigation, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

Source: SangHyuk Lee on Facebook

The police told ST that a phishing scam variant, which targets sellers over Carousell and Facebook, has resurged.

At least 84 people were victims of these scams in June alone. They lost at least S$177,000, the police added.

Another similar scam occurred in December

Two victims of a similar scam were reportedly a Singapore couple who lost their savings to a scammer who posed as a buyer on Carousell.

S’porean Couple Gets Scammed By Carousell Buyer & Lose Savings Reserved For Special Needs Daughter

In December 2022, they clicked on a phishing link to receive payment from a purported buyer.

They later discovered that their funds, which they’d been saving for their daughter with special needs, had been remitted to Thailand.

Hopefully, this and Ms Lu’s cases will warn netizens to be more careful when dealing with strangers over Carousell.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Christin Hume on Unsplash. Photo on the right for illustration purposes only.

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