Sentosa’s Free Self-Driving Buses Will Bring You Around Tanjong Beach & Siloso Point From 26 Aug

Sentosa’s Free Self-Driving Buses Available on Weekdays Only From 26 Aug – 15 Nov

For those who have been to Sentosa, you’d probably know that the sun can get scorching hot on the island.

We believe locals and tourists will feel it the most when they’re out and about to explore its beaches.

You’d be happy to know that starting next Monday (26 Aug), self-driving shuttle buses are available, providing much relief to those keen on exploring Sentosa in the day.

Currently launched as a trial service, these autonomous buses – 2 minibuses and 2 smaller shuttles – will cover a 5.7km route around the island.

That’s right, you get to travel to popular spots like Siloso Point, Palawan Beach, and Sentosa Golf Club in air-conditioned comfort.

Rides on Sentosa shuttle buses are free

According to CNA, this trial service will start on 26 Aug, and ends 15 Nov. A total of 4 vehicles — 2 minibuses and 2 shuttle buses, are available.


The buses will also cover popular destinations along a 5.7km route, such as:

  • Siloso Point
  • Beach Station
  • Palawan Beach
  • Tanjong Beach
  • Sentosa Golf Club

Only available on weekdays

However, do take note that the service will operate for only 4 hours on weekdays — from 10am to 12pm, and from 2pm to 4pm.

If you’re thinking about trying out the service weekends and public holidays, looks like you’ll have to wait and see.

Make bookings via mobile app or kiosk

You can hail a bus via the “Ride Now Sentosa” mobile app, or through kiosks stationed along the 5.7km route.


Through the app, passengers would be able to select their pick-up and drop-off location, and include the number of passengers boarding the bus.

For those who are familiar with the Grab app, the booking system for the shuttle buses is fairly similar.

Sentosa shuttle buses with artificial intelligence

Each of the 4 buses are equipped with technologies that can help sense the environment and identify appropriate paths, obstacles and signages.

With the technology, the buses can also handle complex environments such as roundabouts, according to CNA.


Even so, passenger safety remains top priority as a safety driver, who is trained to handle emergency situations, will be on board each of the 4 buses.


Should there be any faults in the system, the safety driver will be alerted immediately.

The future of shuttle bus services

This service is hailed as Singapore’s first public trial of on-demand autonomous shuttles. It sure looks like we have taken one step closer to enhancing urban mobility in Singapore.

Seeing the groundbreaking improvements made to our public transport system, we can’t help but wonder if public buses will be autonomous in the future too? One can hope.

What do you think of this new service? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image adapted from The Jakarta Post and CNA

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