SGAG & Lifebuoy Release ‘Singaporean Dream’ Soaps & Hand Sanitisers For National Day

In the age of Covid-19, hand sanitisers and soaps have become newly prized possessions. Remember the time when pharmacies and supermarkets kept running out of them?

Fortunately, as time went by, stocks have been replenished at the same feverish pace that shelves were emptied. They are now a staple of our daily lives.

Recognising this, SGAG and Lifebuoy have partnered to feature Singapore’s iconic card game The Singaporean Dream on hygiene products.

This collaboration also aims to commemorate Singapore’s 55th birthday in August, as Lifebuoy honours frontline workers and local businesses through these uniquely Singaporean packaging.

Let’s take a closer look at these endearing designs.

SGAG Lifebuoy sanitisers come in 4 designs

If you’re familiar with the Singaporean Dream card game, you’d know that there are a few local personas to select from, such as PSLE top scorer, influencer, and ah beng.


In that same vein, the SGAG Lifebuoy collaboration sees 4 important groups of people to pay homage to during this National Day.

First, there’s the local hawkers, steadfastly preparing affordable, tasty meals to feed the nation. This purple design beckons us to ‘Support Local’.

Frontline heroes are the ones who are bravely fighting the tough battle ahead to keep Singaporeans safe.

If you believe they deserve our utmost support, you can show solidarity by flaunting ‘SG Heroes’ as you keep your hands clean in public.

Then, there’s the patriotic bunch who beams with Singaporean pride, especially when it’s National Day. If red and white are the colours of your life, ‘This Is Home’ is meant for you.

Self-care is equally essential. As times are increasingly tough now, let this design be a small reminder that it’s all right to invest in things that make you happy and safe.

Yes, bubble tea and bliss go hand in hand.

Lifebuoy soap bottles

You can find these designs on Lifebuoy soap bottles as well. As each bottle comes with 450ml worth of soapy goodness, it will surely last longer than hand sanitisers.

If you know someone who works as a healthcare worker or delivery rider, perhaps you can offer a bottle to them as a gift of practicality.

We’re sure they’ll appreciate the gesture.

On sale from 17 Jul

From 17 Jul, you can find these SGAG Lifebuoy exclusive designs at the following outlets:

  • FairPrice
  • FairPrice Online
  • Lazada
  • RedMart
  • Watsons
  • Watsons Online
  • 7-Eleven

Hand sanitisers are going for $3.90 each. Their refill pack – sans the design sleeve – will also be sold at $2.65.

Useful, if you plan on keeping these adorable designs for as long as you can.

Hand washes, are however, a FairPrice exclusive. You can search them up at FairPrice and FairPrice Online.

The 450ml bottles are going for $5.80 each while stocks last.

Keeping clean is the new Singaporean Dream

As scientists are still on the search for a vaccine, keeping yourself extremely clean will have to be the new Singaporean Dream for now.

While you’re at it, why not get hand sanitisers and soap bottles that look different from the rest?

If you’ve heard about the Singaporean Dream card game but have yet to try it, you can check it out here.

Fans who bought the OG package and haven’t played them in a while will be happy to know that expansion packs are now available. Have fun, and more importantly, be safe.

Featured image by MS News.