Shenzhen Authorities Detected Covid-19 In Frozen Chicken Wings From Brazil

Everyday, we hear of humans getting infected with Covid-19. Little did we know, frozen food samples are at risk of contamination by the coronavirus as well.

In China’s Shenzhen city, authorities have detected the virus in a sample of frozen chicken wings.

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Test results for the chicken wings, imported from Brazil, returned positive. The city government is currently scrambling to contact trace everyone who could be at risk.

Sample from Brazil chicken wings taken for testing in Shenzhen

According to Reuters on Thursday (13 Aug), Shenzhen government had taken a surface sample of imported chicken wings from Brazil for testing at the local disease control centre.

After the results returned positive, health authorities rushed to contact trace and test those who could have come in contact with the infected batch.

They have also tested food products that were kept near the contaminated batch. Fortunately, results for these returned negative.

Shenzhen implores extra caution over imported food

Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters implores citizens to be extra careful when it comes to imported meat and seafood.

Necessary precautions must be taken so that they can curb infection risks.

This news comes a day after China reported that shrimps from Ecuador had tested positive for Covid-19.

In June, Beijing had even found Covid-19 on a chopping board meant for slicing up salmon at a wholesale market.

Beijing Supermarkets Rush To Remove Salmon Off Shelves After Covid-19 Found On Chopping Board

Supermarket staff had to spend all night taking the fish off shelves. Though experts had later on clarified that the fish itself is unlikely to carry the virus.

China’s food safety deputy director had also noted that the chances of people getting infected with Covid-19 through food are “very small”.

However, they must still remain vigilant in the fight against Covid-19, reported South China Morning Post.

Kudos for fast action after virus detected

Despite the shocking discovery, Shenzhen authorities did a good job in conducting swift contact tracing to ensure everyone’s safety.

As the incubation period for Covid-19 is said to be up to 14 days, those who came in contact with the infected samples would still have to continue monitoring their health closely.

Either way, we do hope they will all be safe from infection.

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