Man Allegedly Shoplifted A Helmet & Visor From Motorbike Store Without Paying

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone in different ways. One group of people hit especially hard, is retail business owners.

Yet in such difficult times when every sale counts, a man allegedly shoplifted from a Jalan Besar motorbike store on Wednesday (5 Aug).

Shoplifting motorbike stallSource

The owners claim he left the store with a helmet and visor in hand, without paying and are now appealing for the public to identify him.

Man shoplifting from motorbike store caught on footage

According to the owners, the Chinese man had taken a helmet and visor from the store without paying.

Other sites are selling the helmet for $95 and the visor for $25.

The man appears to have been caught shoplifting on the motorbike store’s CCTV footage.

Shoplifting motorbike stallSource

He had a black mask on and was wearing a black Givenchy T-shirt, black sweatpants, and yellow sliders.

Motorbike store appeals to public for alleged shoplifter’s identity

The well-established local motorbike store, Regina Specialties, is now appealing to the public for the shoplifter’s identity.

They have posted pictures of the alleged shoplifter on their Facebook page.

Shoplifting motorbike stallSource

The stall owner also urged anyone who knows the man to advise him to return the stolen products or make payment by Friday (7 Aug).

They added that they will only contact the police about the incident after Friday (7 August).

You can find their Facebook post on the incident here.

Shoplifting is a serious crime

Regina Specialties is a motorbike store that supplies protective gear and apparel for riders in Singapore.

The store reminds everyone that “shoplifting is a very serious offence”.

They would not condone such behaviour, especially within the riding community.

Contact store with information about alleged shoplifter

Shoplifting is a criminal offence and as we are often taught, “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”.

If you can identify the alleged shoplifter, do contact the store with any available information.

Let’s all play our part in making Singapore a safer and more civil society for all.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Streetdirectory