KaiKai Shopping App Has Secret Offline Deals With At Least 50% Off Popular Brands

From doorstep deliveries to discount codes, online shopping has given us endless perks.

But as much as you love entering promo codes when checking out, sometimes the old-school way of seeing products physically before buying them is the way to go.

What if there’s an app that can let you have the best of both worlds?

Image courtesy of KaiKai

Along comes KaiKai, a shopping app that lets you in on secret deals at physical stores.

With deals only registered users can access, you can expect to enjoy at least 50% discounts on tech products like the iPhone 12, as well as clothes, shoes, and accessories from luxury brands.

Since pre-registration to get the app will only be available to the first 100,000 applicants, you’d have to be among the first to sign up to enjoy the exclusive deals.

Here’s what you can look forward to once you’ve installed the app.

Chiong for $100 by being the first 100,000 registered users

Like the primordial Singaporean dream, reaping rewards isn’t as fun without a bit of challenge and effort.

If you secretly indulge in such a thrill, you’d probably want to be among the first 100,000 users to register for the KaiKai app in advance.

Earlybirds will automatically receive $100 cashback upon registering, which they’ll only have 100 seconds to use in the KaiKai Money Time Bomb game.

Image courtesy of KaiKai

Every second that passes equates to $1 deducted from the amount. E.g. after 1 second, you will have $99 to spend. Similarly, after 10 seconds, your budget is now reduced to $90.

So you’ll literally have to have the fastest fingers to make the most out of the $100.

The game starts at 12pm on launch day, which is 13 Jun, so mark your calendars beforehand.

Hunt for secret deals on fashion & electronic brands

Once the pandemic situation allows us to safely shop at brick-and-mortar stores again, KaiKai will unleash hundreds of secret deals found in the best stores and restaurants.

You can score at least 50% off over 1,000 products from big fashion, beauty, electronics, and even F&B brands.

If you’ve been fretting over your smartphone that was bought aeons ago, you could get the iPhone 12 with 128GB of storage at only $680. That’s a substantial half off the original price.

iPhone 12 (128GB) – $680 (U.P. $1,139)

Now you can have a new phone for essential use, as well as to cop even more shopping perks.

Sneakerheads wouldn’t believe their eyes when they see that a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s are going for only $49 on KaiKai.

Nike Air Force 1 – $49 (U.P. $219)

The $170 saved on that pair of kicks can help you get another cool pair next time to add to your collection.

These, along with tons of other deals, will be available for you to chope exclusively via the KaiKai app, so be among the select few to gain access to it.

Image courtesy of KaiKai

You can also quell concerns over delivery and product quality, as these secret in-app deals are available in physical stores.

Once you’ve reserved the items on KaiKai, you can head down to examine the products in the flesh before footing the bill with a satisfied look on your face.

Being able to check out the products for yourself before buying them will certainly give you greater peace of mind.

No need to worry about the wrong fit, or receiving faulty items, which would entail troublesome returns if you shop online.

Install the app & get discounts in-store

Of course, to have access to all this excitement, you’d have to download the KaiKai app first.

Because of how exclusive the first access is, only the first 100,000 people to register their interest can install the app in time for the launch on 13 Jun.

To be among the lucky 100K, all you need to do is pre-register via the link here.

Image courtesy of KaiKai

After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to download and install the app and be ready to snag the best deals once 13 Jun comes around. Not forgetting the bonus of $100 cashback to top it all off.

Chope deals online to shop offline

The satisfaction of instant online deals and the old-school charm of physical shopping need not be separate anymore when you can enjoy both equally.

Knowing that you’ll be getting discounts only selected people can get access to makes the experience all the more fulfilling.

Zhng your shopping experience while you can, and jump at this golden opportunity.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with KaiKai.ai.

Featured image courtesy of KaiKai and adapted from tirachardz on freepik.