Car Driver Side-Swipes Motorcycle In Tanjong Pagar, Shocks Rider & Pillion

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Car Driver Side-Swipes Motorcyclist In Tanjong Pagar On 10 Mar

A motorcyclist found himself in a precarious situation after getting side-swiped by a car in Tanjong Pagar.

Appalled by how the driver carelessly put his and his pillion rider’s lives at risk, the motorcyclist took to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group to share dashcam footage of the incident while calling the driver out.

The police are now investigating the matter.

Driver allegedly gives rider middle finger before side-swiping motorcycle

At the start of the video, the driver appeared to show the middle finger after the motorcyclist seemingly blocked the car’s path. This happened after the motorcyclist revved audibly several times.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Based on the surroundings, the incident occurred along Teo Hong Road in Tanjong Pagar.

In the caption of the video, the OP also pointed out that the motorist failed to signal their intention before attempting to cut into the other lane.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

The car then followed behind the motorcycle for a section of the road before reaching a traffic junction.

As the driver approached the junction, they overtook from the right and “intentionally” side-swiped the motorcyclist.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

Thankfully, the motorcyclist was already driving with caution and managed to maintain his balance following the collision.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

The rider was naturally shocked by the collision which he claimed could’ve killed him and his pillion.

Driver side-swipes motorcycle, motorcyclist & pillion rider left with bruises

In the post, OP shared that he and his pillion rider were left with bruises on their knees following the “near-death experience”.

Even though the car drove away after the incident, the OP said they decided not to pursue the vehicle as it could “endanger [their] lives even more”.

Source: Complaint Singapore on Facebook

The OP claimed that he has since contacted the police.

He ended his post by reminding fellow riders to be careful while on the road.

According to TODAY, the police were alerted to the hit-and-run incident at about 6.12pm on 1o Mar. No injuries were reported and police investigations are ongoing.

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Featured image adapted from Complaint Singapore on Facebook.

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