Switzerland Projects Singapore Flag Onto Matterhorn Mountain, Showing Support During Covid-19 Pandemic

Singapore is going through a difficult time with daily cases rising by the thousand and an extended ‘Circuit Breaker’.

As a show of their support, Switzerland projected the Singapore flag onto one of their country’s icons — the Matterhorn.


Singapore flag projected onto Matterhorn, or ‘Toblerone Mountain’

Most Singaporeans would be familiar with the iconic Swiss chocolate bar, Toblerone.


We all know that there’s a mountain on it, and have fondly dubbed it the ‘Toblerone Mountain’.

It’s officially known as the Matterhorn, and is actually one of the highest summits in the Swiss Alps and Europe at 4,478 metres.

To show their solidarity with Singapore during this tumultuous time for us, Switzerland ‘painted’ a Singapore flag on their national landmark.


They did this by projecting an image of the Singapore flag onto the Matterhorn.


Showing support for other countries battling Covid-19 pandemic

Singapore isn’t the only country who’s had the honour of having their flag projected onto the Matterhorn.

Other countries suffering from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have had their flags projected onto the Matterhorn too.

The Matterhorn donned America’s star-spangled banner last Wednesday (16 Apr).


Switzerland’s neighbour, Italy, also had their flag projected onto the mountain.


China’s flag was emblazoned on the mountain as well. They’re creeping out of the worst part of the pandemic, but they’ve struggled tirelessly to get to where they are now.


Zermatt, the village at the base of the Matterhorn, is the mastermind behind the dazzling display.

Kind gesture solidifies kinship between two countries

This just goes to show how you can show your support in many ways other than doing your part to keep the country safe.

The gesture of support is certainly unorthodox, but is definitely deeply appreciated by many Singaporeans.

MS News thanks Switzerland for the beautiful and meaningful display. This support means the world to Singapore, and we hope the light will see our country through this storm.

Featured image adapted from Facebook