S’pore Will Continue Working With Other Countries, Isolation Not The Way Forward

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S’pore Will Continue To Cooperate Both Regionally & Globally

On Thursday (11 Jun), Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean addressed the nation on how Singapore can remain resilient amid the changing Covid-19 landscape.

During his 23-minute speech, he highlighted that Singapore will continue to cooperate with other countries, as Covid-19 should not become a reason for division.

As such, Singapore will continue to work with other countries in the region and beyond, and deal with bilateral issues constructively.

Forging ahead with ASEAN

To contribute to a harmonious region, Singapore will continue cooperate closely with ASEAN member states, especially Malaysia and Indonesia.

The nations are looking to curb transmission of the coronavirus, as well as limit the economic impact of the crisis.


Although there may be areas of friction between neighbours, Singapore hopes to constructively resolve these issues to achieve a “win-win outcome” with mutual benefits on both sides.

As a gesture of cooperation, Singapore has donated masks, test kits and other health equipment to member states.

Mr Teo says,

Singapore wants to be a good partner and contribute to a harmonious region.

Cooperating beyond the region

Outside of ASEAN, Singapore will also continue to strive to be “useful to the world”, not just for Covid-19, but other global issues as well.

The Senior Minister expressed that regardless of size, no country can solve such problems by itself.


He shared some examples where Singapore is contributing to global efforts. For instance, the nation is an active participant at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to drive the digital economy.

Earlier in March, it also submitted a proposal regarding low-emissions to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

However, Mr Teo said Singapore must be united internally before it can “hold its own in the world”.

Integration is better than isolation

At the end of the day, Singapore is first and foremost, a hub.

As a small island state without much natural resources, partnership has always been the way forward. Hence it makes sense that Singapore will continue to cooperate with other countries to forge a path for the future.

To do that, we will need to get the Covid-19 situation under control, so that cross-border economic activity can continue.

And for that to happen, we all need to play our part in keeping the virus at bay.

Featured image adapted from Prime Minister’s Office Singapore.

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