87 Singaporeans Evacuated From Wuhan On 30 Jan Get To Go Home After 14-Day Quarantine

Those being held in quarantine centres are probably bored out of their minds and missing their families dearly.

Luckily for these 87 Singaporeans, they finally completed their 2-week quarantine on Thursday (13 Feb) — just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones.

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Singaporeans put under quarantine after flying home from Wuhan

We previously covered the evacuation of 92 Singaporeans from Wuhan in January.

92 S’poreans Return Home From Wuhan On Scoot Flight Today, Will Be Quarantined For 14 Days

Before all 92 Singaporeans could return home to their families, they had to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine and get tested for Covid-19.

Of the 92 who returned, 5 of them tested positive. 2 of the 5 have since fully recovered and were discharged from the hospital earlier, reports The Straits Times (ST).

The remaining 3 are still being treated.

No further measures needed, says MOH

In response to ST, the Ministry Of Health (MOH) said “no further measures” were needed for dealing with the evacuees, since they had completed the quarantine and were deemed to be physically well.

Scoot also told ST that the crew who served the 30 Jan evacuation flight had also completed their leave-of-absence, and returned to work on Friday (14 Feb).

Singaporeans boarding the evacuation flight 

The second flight evacuating Singaporeans departed on 9 Feb, and the 174 passengers on board have yet to finish their quarantine period.

Evacuees should still take precautions

Given the DORSCON Orange status of Covid-19, it’s probably best that the evacuees still take precautions even though they’ve been cleared.

Some of them will be participating in alternative work arrangements like working from home, as their colleagues are still wary of their condition, reports ST.

Nevertheless, it’s great that they’ve been reunited with their families after 2 long, uncertainty-ridden weeks.

We hope they are well, and stay clear of Covid-19, lest the 24-day incubation period is actually true.

Featured image adapted from AFP.