SMU Sets Up First-Response Team & More CCTV Monitors To Prevent Sexual Misconduct On Campus

SMU Takes Active Steps To Prevent Sexual Misconduct On Campus

The number of cases related to sexual misconduct and outrage of modesty has been on the rise lately. One of the more high-profile cases recently was the Terence Siow case.

Even though SMU has steered relatively clear of the recent spate of sexual misconduct stories, they are taking preventive measures to ensure that this doesn’t occur on their campus.


According to The Straits Times, measures include setting up a first-response team, installing more CCTV monitors and installing trespass signages near toilets and shower areas.

First-response team to support students

One measure includes setting up a first-response team dubbed “Voices@SMU” to provide care for students. The team will be supported by trained staff who will provide necessary assistance.

SMU has also taken steps to increase its security by installing more CCTV monitors to ensure the entrance of toilets and shower facilities can be monitored.


What to do if you are sexually assaulted

Reports of sexual misconduct have been on the rise, and it’s a positive sign that institutions like SMU are stepping up to take proactive rather than reactive steps to address them.

With more cases of outrage of modesty making the news, it’s important to know what to do should you find yourself in a compromised situation.

  • Try to have a good look at the perpetrator’s face. Take a photo if you can.
  • Scream to get other people’s attention
  • Report the incident to the discipline committee if the incident happens in school.
  • Lodge a police report.

Prevent yourself from being in an unwanted situation

Whenever you are in an unsafe area, remember to protect yourself to prevent yourself from being in an unwanted situation.

Simple actions like checking the toilet before bathing, looking down when in the toilet cubicle or checking behind you when on an escalator can go a long way as a preventive measure.

Featured image adapted from Wikimedia.

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