Dance influencer in China stabbed to death in front of camera, witnesses watch him die

street dancer stabbed to death in front of camera cover

Street dancer in China stabbed to death in front of camera

On 30 June, a dance influencer in China was stabbed to death in front of a camera when a drunk man brandishing a knife interrupted one of his performances.

The incident, which took place in Songyuan city, Jilin Province, gained viral attention not only because it was captured on video but also because none of the numerous onlookers intervened during the fatal stabbing.

Source: Need to Know

Dancer stabbed to death, onlookers merely watched

The 54-year-old dance influencer named Zhao was known for his street performances that involve him clutching a bag while doing his moves.

He would often record and post his performances online.

Source: Need to Know

According to reports, Zhao was dancing in the square on 30 June when he was abruptly interrupted by a man in a black shirt who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

He forced his way through the crowd, then attacked Zhao with a knife.

Eyewitness footage showed Zhao attempting to evade the attacker before falling victim to multiple stab wounds as bystanders looked on without attempting to assist or stop the assault.

Later on, the video showed Zhao lying on the ground in a pool of blood with the attacker standing over him.

Source: Need to Know

Still, none of the bystanders attempted to help.

Attacker did not like his performance

Authorities have confirmed the arrest of the suspect, who reportedly had no prior acquaintance with Zhao.

The 53-year-old assailant said that he was angered by Zhao’s performance, pinpointing this as the motive behind the attack.

The suspect was apprehended by the police and Zhao was rushed to the hospital.

However, the victim later succumbed to his injuries.

Police investigations are ongoing.

Netizens shocked by bystanders’ lack of action

According to the Korean site, Koreaboo, the video of the incident has become viral on the Korean social media site, theqoo.

Online netizens were shocked at the disturbing level of public indifference, with many condemning the bystanders for not doing anything to stop the violent act.

However, some pointed out that this is a common reaction.

In China, “weiguan” is a term describing the phenomenon of onlookers gathering around an incident without intervening, often out of curiosity or to document the event rather than provide help.

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