This Year’s Starbucks Christmas Tumblers Have Pint-Sized Santas, LED Lights & Snow Globes

Starbucks Christmas Flavours Like Toffee Nut Latte Are Back Too

Drop what you’re doing and rejoice for we come bearing glad tidings.

The festive season is nearing, and that only means one thing. Time to bust out the unused credits on your Starbucks gift card on holiday beverages.


This year’s star flavours are Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte.

Starbucks has outdone themselves with a whole range of merch so you don’t have to look any further to get your Christmas shopping done.

High-SES & classy double-walled cups

An understated and classy coffee tumbler is a perfect way to appear low-key generous during the gift exchange sesh with your friends.

These 4 Starbucks Reserve tumblers are themed after a ‘Sumatran tiger’ in 4 glorious designs — the right two are Double Wall Mugs ($36.90) and those on the left are Stainless Steel Tumblers ($32.90).

Pint-sized Santa tumblers

Adorable pint-sized Santa-themed tumblers and festive mugs are available for those who love to throw your money at all things cute.

We love that you’ll be able to grab this little silicone Santa stopper to open your stainless steel Cold Cup ($49.90).

Talk about Santa’s little helper indeed.

Turquoise snowflake-inspired Cold Cup series

Lovers of traditionally beautiful Starbucks tumblers, don’t fret.

This year’s theme seems to revolve around an icy turquoise and navy blue colour palette.

From LED bottles, to mini-snowglobes within tumblers — collecting your coffee in these cups at your weekly cafe stakeouts will be even sweeter with the $0.50 BYOC discount, that’s short for ‘Bring Your Own Cup’.

Faux-leather tote bags & pouches

Mega-fans of Starbucks would know that they have a penchant for creating desirable merch.

We’re glad to say that they didn’t disappoint this year, with their faux-leather series of totes, cardholders and pouches.

With cardholders looking this good, we’d be sure to get extra cards just for an excuse to whip them out more often.

If you prefer to tout a cloth tote, this entry featuring a Sumatran tiger will be a fierce addition to your daily ensemble.

Gifts for friends from abroad

Starbucks Bearista bears will also be decked out in cute little Santa hoodies, and retailing at $29.90 each.

That adorable Penguin Cold Cup ($18.90) and Cat-Eared Cold Cup ($18.90) will warm the hearts of your iciest colleagues.

Not forgetting Starbucks’ mini-Singapore snow globe ($39.90) — a pricey but meaningful gift for our overseas visitors.

Sweet treats & calories galore

Prepare to pack on the holiday pounds with decadent desserts like this Caramel-Almond Holiday Wreath or Christmas Tree Brownies.

If you’ve always wondered how Rudolph or Santa would taste, this Honey or Red Velvet Cake may satisfy your curiosity along with your cravings.

There’s nothing like good ole’ comforting pie to warm up the tum-tum. Try either the Tuna or Butter Chicken pies with a friend.

All I want for Christmas

Whether you’re a hardworking millennial who frequently hosts study stakeouts at Starbucks or an OL wishing for a fast-track promotion, we can all agree that coffee always makes things better.

As for us, we’re really just hoping that Santa gets the memo this year.

A Starbucks card would make a great present — especially when it’s shaped like a cup.

All images courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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