LTA Now Has “May I Have A Seat Please?” Stickers For Those With Invisible Medical Conditions

For Singaporeans who frequently commute via MRT, the Stand-Up Stacey mascot is iconic because she reminds commuters to be caring by offering seats.


Many Singaporeans continue to graciously give up these reserved seats to the elderly and pregnant ladies. But the initiative does not stop here.

According to Land Transport Authority (LTA), many people with invisible medical conditions need the seats just as much as the elderly and pregnant ladies.

But we might not even know it as they may not appear to be physically frail.

To help this targeted group,  LTA has rolled out MRT stickers for people with invisible medical conditions, so commuters would be alerted of their needs.

“Excuse me, may I have a seat please?”

These special stickers that say “Excuse me, may I have a seat please?” are meant to subtly let commuters know that their wearers need a seat during their commute.


People who wear these stickers may look normal, but they could be suffering from underlying medical conditions that prevent them from standing for too long.

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), some examples of invisible medical conditions are:

  • Chronic pain
  • Heart disease
  • Recovering from strokes or physical injuries
  • Prosthetic limbs
  • Early-stage expectant mothers

As medical conditions like the above are not obvious at first glance, you’ll be able to spot those afflicted by looking out for these bright yellow stickers from now on.

Stickers launched on 1 Oct

Starting today (1 Oct), these special stickers will be progressively made available at all MRT stations, bus interchanges or passenger information offices.


Those who wish to obtain the stickers can approach the staffs at the aforementioned locations.

You can also bring along a medical certificate to support your request for the stickers.

Apart from looking out for those with these stickers, LTA also advises commuters to continue giving up their seats for “senior citizens, expectant mothers, and parents with young children”.


Be gracious to those in need

According to Ms Priscilla Chan, Deputy Group Director at LTA, “commuters have consistently demonstrated graciousness to the elderly or expectant mothers on public transporrt”.

We hope Singaporeans can continue to uphold our good name by giving up seats to those in need. This would surely bring us closer towards building a more gracious and giving society.

Feature image adapted from LTA and YouTube.