St Andrew’s Secondary Student Confronts Teacher & Threatens To ‘End His Life’, School Disciplines Him

St Andrew’s Secondary School Student Confronts & Threatens Teacher

UPDATE (25 Aug, 10.55am): In response to queries from STOMP, St Andrew’s Secondary School disclosed that the student has been disciplined.

For some schools, keeping the conduct of their students in order can be a gigantic and thankless task.

Although they’d hope to raise the next generation to become upstanding citizens, there will always be some who make the job tough.

Recently, a video of a student cussing at and threatening his teacher has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The minute-long clip shows a male student picking a fight with a teacher, who stood firm despite the threats.

The boy’s openly crude language sparked criticisms from netizens who called out his unsavoury behaviour.

Student confronts teacher & threatens to ‘end his life’

On Tuesday (23 Aug),  a video surfaced on the Instagram page of a student cussing and threatening his teacher.

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According to comments on the video, the student is believed to be from St Andrew’s Secondary school, an all-boys school in Potong Pasir.

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The audio of the minute-long video may not be the best, but certain words and phrases did jump out throughout the recording.

The video begins with the teacher telling the student off for “scolding” him and using the “four-letter word”.

To this, the boy quipped, “What are you gonna do about it?” He then told the teacher to, “Get a bloody life.”

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The video then cuts to the boy pushing up against the teacher, while stating, “You swear you pushed me right?”

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The teacher subsequently shouted, “Don’t touch me!” In retaliation, the boy toldthe teacher to “watch his mouth” before threatening him and saying, “I will end your life right now.”

The video then cuts again to another portion in which the audio is unintelligible.

Seconds later, another person outside the camera frame seemed to calm the teacher down, after which the video ends.

Netizens call out foul language & crude behaviour

Netizens were appalled by the boy’s boorish behaviour, poking fun at his tough guy act.

One comment joked that he hadn’t even ended puberty but dared to threaten to end the teacher’s life.

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An alleged former student provided some context on the incident, claiming that the teacher was partly to blame for the student’s behaviour.

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Nevertheless, another commenter pointed out that it didn’t warrant such a reaction from the student.

School disciplines & counsels student

STOMP reported on Thursday (25 Aug) that St Andrew’s Secondary School has confirmed its awareness of the incident.

Emphasising that they “take a serious view on disrespectful behaviour towards staff”, the school assured that they have disciplined the student.

They also told STOMP that they have contacted the student’s parents and will work with them to counsel and guide him.

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