Student Oversleeps On Bus Till Woodlands Checkpoint, So S’pore Police Help Send Him To School

Redditor Thanks Singapore Police For Sending Student To School From Woodlands Checkpoint

We’re all familiar with the New Year hangover, as we reluctantly leave the holidays behind and dive back into our routines.


Apparently, you don’t need to be drunk or overworked to feel that, as a sleepy student who took a bus all the way to the Woodlands Checkpoint proved.

His teacher shared the hilarious incident on Reddit, in a viral post thanking the Singapore Police for saving the day.

Student oversleeps on bus till Woodlands Checkpoint

The start to Redditor u/leo-g’s 2020 was an unforgettable one, according to an amusing account he shared on Monday (6 Jan).


Presumably a teacher from the title of his post, he regaled the tale of a student’s amusing misadventure.

Those familiar with buses that go to Johor Bahru (JB) would know that SBS service 170 takes you all the way to Larkin Terminal in JB.

Along the way, however, it makes several stops in the Bukit Timah and Woodlands area, passing by a few schools.

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But a student returning to his daily commute after the long Dec holidays may have forgotten the possible consequences of missing his stop, and let sleep overpower him.

He fell into such a deep slumber that he ended up all the way at Woodlands Checkpoint.


If you think that sounds ridiculous, we haven’t even reached the end of the story.

Tried to enter Malaysia using student pass

The young student awoke to find himself definitely not in school, facing long lines of people queuing up at immigration.

Probably desperate to find a solution in a moment of panic, he did the first thing he could think of – join the queue.

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Without his passport, there was no way he could get through. He took the only form of identification he had, his student pass, and tried to slot it into the passport scanner.


Lo and behold, the mighty CEPAS card got stuck.

Why did he join the queue, you ask?

Redditor u/leo-g guesses that the clueless boy may have thought that he had to join the queue to get on the return bus route, like at an interchange.


Imagine his utter horror and confusion.

Police transported him to school

Luckily for the poor boy, some kind police officers were around to help, and they offered to take him to school themselves.

He probably arrived late, but hey, at least he has a story worth retelling.

What’s important is that he eventually reached his destination safely, and the incident ended on a good note.

For the rest of us, maybe take this as a sign to not oversleep on buses.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.

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