Tan Kin Lian Thinks S’pore Would Be Better If 50% Of Female Population Are Homemakers

Tan Kin Lian On Singapore’s Low Birth Rate & Treasuring Women Who Choose To Be Homemakers

In a conversation with The Daily Ketchup Podcast on 25 Aug, presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian said Singapore would be better off with 50% of the female population being homemakers.

He believed that the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s policies from 50 years ago were “misplaced”, contributing to Singapore’s current low birth rate.

During the dialogue, Mr Tan also expressed his dissent regarding the secrecy around the actual amount kept in the reserves and his concern for the future of the youth generation.

Tan Kin Lian on why half of female population should be homemakers

Speaking to the hosts of The Daily Ketchup Podcast, Mr Tan said:

Singapore would be better if half of the female population choose to be homemakers.

Stressing that he had no doubts about making this statement, he said the PAP’s policy of encouraging everybody to work was wrong.

Source: The Daily Ketchup Podcast on YouTube

Women who choose to be homemakers need to be treasured, he said.

Don’t accuse me of being objectifying or whatever it is, don’t. That’s not fair. You listen to me, and you understand why.

Mr Tan explained that Mr Lee Kuan Yew, while effecting a lot of good change for the country, overlooked this crucial aspect.

Singapore’s current struggles with population numbers were also due to this “misplaced” policy, which had continued for five decades.

“That’s why we got a very low birth rate,” he said. “Many people don’t agree with me, but this is my insight.”

Disagrees on secrecy around reserves

During the dialogue, Mr Tan also spoke about his view on the secrecy surrounding Singapore’s reserves.

He noted that the total amount of the country’s reserves was currently unavailable to the public. This was something he disagreed with, as he stated:

They say we need secrecy to defend the Singapore dollar. I don’t agree.

Instead, Mr Tan noted that he would have a discussion with the Government. “You show me the figures, where is the real risk that your currency will be attacked?

“I have experts who tell me, which I agree with the experts, Singapore dollar will not be attacked because of the way we issue Singapore dollar,” he asserted.

Source: The Daily Ketchup Podcast on YouTube

When host Johnathan Chua tried to press him for details, Mr Tan said it was too technical to explain.

He also shared that a friend who had worked with previous finance ministers reportedly had insight into the topic, affirming that the SGD did not need “so much money” for protection.

Worries for the younger generation as it was “much easier” during his time

Mr Tan concluded his conversation with The Daily Ketchup Podcast by expressing his concern for the future of Singapore’s youth.

“During my time, it was much easier,” he said. “We got jobs, we got low cost of living, HDB flats were quite affordable.”

I had a better time, even though it was 60 years ago. Today, younger people. . .[are in] a difficult position.

He highlighted the current economic state as a reason and explained that such a situation didn’t need to be the case.

“My wish is to bring back to the younger people the opportunity to have a better future,” he said.

Mr Tan added that the future he was referring to would include available, well-paying jobs alongside a “much lower” cost of living.

He added that this would enable them to feel confident enough to raise a family.

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