Tan Kin Lian Clarifies He Doesn’t Intend To Be Adversary To Govt, Hopes They Can Work Together

Tan Kin Lian Wants To Safeguard Past Reserves & Protect Integrity Of Public Service

In his broadcast speech on Thursday (24 Aug). presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian said he wants to focus on two key duties for Singapore — protecting the past reserves and the integrity of public service.

He stated that it was necessary to ensure that the investment of Singapore’s past reserves continued to be sound.

In addition, he highlighted the need to have important appointments of officials in the public service.

Tan Kin Lian highlights two key duties in speech

On the first duty, Mr Tan said that if elected President, he intends to safeguard Singapore’s past reserves.

“Our past reserves comprised a large sum that probably runs into several hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe more.

“It is vitally important that the reserves are invested soundly to produce a good rate of return over the long term, covering five years or longer, and is not exposed to high risk,” he said.

Mr Tan noted he would work with the government to ensure the wise use of past reserves to benefit current and future generations.

Second duty involves having the right people at top levels of public service

Mr Tan then moved on to the second duty, stressing that having the right people at the top levels of public service. was important

Source: CNA livestream on YouTube

He added that Singapore should continue to value the contributions of scholars with excellent thinking skills.

“While we should continue to value the contributions of our scholars who have excellent thinking skills, we should also value the knowledge and experience of people who have spent many years on the job and know the ground well,” he related.

Mr Tan said these were different types of people with talent and practical experience.

With the knowledge and experience from many years of dedicated service, such individuals should have the opportunity to advance to leadership positions.

While appointing people at the top levels of public service, Mr Tan said that these factors would influence him.

With his years spent in NTUC Income, Mr Tan expressed his confidence in performing these duties well.

Doesn’t want to be an adversary to government

Mr Tan pointed out that he did not intend to be an adversary to the elected government.

“I hope to work in collaboration with the government to achieve the goals stated above,” he said.

My vision is to build a nation where the people are united and live in harmony.

He added that he believed the unity of people would occur when they felt financially secure, were able to look beyond immediate concerns and could think about the greater good of society.

Mr Tan also expressed a desire to “rekindle the spirit” Singaporeans felt 50 years ago.

As someone from a “humble background,” he said he has been in close touch with the “ordinary people” throughout his life and knew of their hardships and aspirations.

If I am elected into the high office of president, I intend to remain in close touch with the ordinary people… with the pulse and heartbeat of people.

Mr Tan concluded his speech by asking for the support of the people to give him a strong mandate so he could provide an independent perspective.

He reiterated that he would act in collaboration with the ruling government to deal with the challenges of the future.

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Featured image adapted from CNA livestream on YouTube.

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