Cargo Ship Carrying Taobao 11.11 Sales Items Sinks, 2 Sailors Dead & 7 Rescued

Cargo Ship Carrying Taobao 11.11 Products Sinks After Colliding With Another Ship

The long-awaited Black Friday is upon us again, and if you’re an avid shopper, chances are you’ve probably clicked the ‘checkout’ button at least once today (29 Nov).

But hold up and let’s rewind for a bit, have you received that 11.11 Taobao haul that you purchased a fortnight ago? If you have not, this could be the reason why.

On 20 Nov, a Taiwanese cargo vessel carrying 879 tons of Taobao 11.11 products from China reportedly sank after colliding with another ship.


The products on-board were damaged, but the Chinese e-commerce giant has reassured affected customers that they’ll receive compensation.

879 tons of Taobao products sinks alongside cargo ship

According to China Press, the collision occurred in open waters off Fuzhou City last Wednesday (20 Nov) night.

The cargo ship reportedly sank after colliding with a vessel carrying gravel, along with the 879 tons of Taobao products that it was carrying.

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This incident marks the first time Taobao had failed to deliver goods due to an accident.

2 lives lost in the incident

The incident, however, saw a greater loss. We learnt that the disaster had snatched the lives of 2 out of 9 crew members.

China Press reported that their bodies have been found by search and rescue personnel. The 2 were second mate Zhang Zhimao, and kitchen staff Liu Xiaohua.

The other vessel involved had reportedly tried to flee. However, their attempts were futile due to system failure after impact from the collision.

The vessel is currently being monitored by relevant authorities.

Taobao will be offering compensation to affected customers

The products on-board the sunken ship are likely damaged and hence can not be shipped to customers.

In light of this, the e-commerce giant has launched investigations looking into the accident and has also offered compensation to affected buyers.

At the time of this article, affected customers can only receive compensation via Alipay.

As such, international customers who bought goods during the 11.11 sale have voiced concerns that they may be refunded if do not have a China-based bank account.

A spokesperson from Taobao’s customer service department, however, reassured customers that officers on duty will assist them should they encounter any difficulties.

Check your Taobao accounts for order status

MS News would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the crew members’ families who tragically lost their lives in this accident.

If you’ve bought something from the Taobao 11.11 sale but have yet to receive your items, it’s best to log in to Taobao and check your order status.

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