Technician gets S$272 fine after parking in Farrer Road condo residents’ lot, says sign was misleading

Technician fined S$272 after parking in residents’ lot within Farrer Road condo

An air-con technician had the wheels of his van clamped after finishing up a job at a condominium along Farrer Road.

He had apparently mistakenly parked at a parking lot for residents, resulting in him forking out S$272 for a fine.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the technician pointed out that the sign at the condominium for the parking lot had been misleading in the first place.

Technician pays S$272 fine at Farrer Road condo

50-year-old Lin said the incident occurred at D’Leedon condominium along Farrer Road last Friday (7 June) at around 12pm.

After reaching the condominium’s carpark, he parked his van at a lot to the right of a purple pillar with the word “visitor” on it.

He then left to repair his customer’s air-conditioner.

Lin returned to the same lot 45 minutes later only to find the wheels of his van clamped.

He was then informed that he had parked in a lot reserved for residents and had to pay a S$272 fine.

Lin subsequently went to the condominium’s management office to get to the bottom of the matter.

Staff in the office said that visitors can only use parking lots demarcated with purple grid lines.

He labelled this as misleading, pointing out that he had parked in the lot only upon seeing the purple pillars.

“But they said I had to see if there were purple lines on the grid, and pointed out that the yellow parking spaces on the right were for residents,” he said.

Security guard says he waited for driver to appear before clamping wheels

Lin shared that he did not intentionally park in the residents’ side of the carpark for convenience, adding that there were plenty of available lots at the time.

“I was really misled… if the staff saw that I parked in the wrong place, they should have called to inform me first,” he said.

A security guard at the condominium told Shin Min Daily News that visitors are reminded to park at the lots reserved for them when entering the property.

He added that he waited for seven to eight minutes and clamped the car’s wheels when there was no sign of the driver.

The guard also revealed that Lin entered the condominium at around 11:57 am. After they received a complaint about the matter, they clamped his vehicle at about 12.38pm.

He noted that in the past, they had received feedback from people who expressed confusion about where they could park in the area.

Visitors, however, are told that they can only park between two purple pillars after receiving a parking slip. Many of them, though, do not pay attention to this.

“In Mr. Lin’s case, he can appeal to the apartment management, and the management will decide whether to refund the fine based on the circumstances,” he said.

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