Teen Mocked Over Charles & Keith Bag Appears In AirAsia Ad, Star Rises Ever Higher

‘Charles & Keith’ Teen Appears In 2 AirAsia TikTok Videos

Zoe Gabriel’s star is just rising higher and higher.

Singaporeans know her best as the teen who went from being mocked online for her Charles & Keith bag to modelling for the brand.

Now she’s so popular that other well-known companies want to work with her too, starting with AirAsia.

The 17-year-old has already appeared in an ad for the budget carrier.

Source: @flyairasia on TikTok

‘Charles & Keith’ teen dances with AirAsia crew

In two TikTok videos posted over the last two days, AirAsia seemed to have unveiled Zoe as their next spokesperson.

The first video showed her dancing in the aisle of a plane with a group of pilots and cabin crew.

Source: @flyairasia on TikTok

As the spunky teen danced energetically, the crew behind attempted to keep up, but there was little doubt about who the star was.

The caption advertised free seats (excluding taxes and fees) on the airline this week, referencing their ongoing sale that lasts till Sunday (19 Mar).

They offer flights to Malaysian destinations like Langkawi and Penang from S$6.90 (RM23), and ASEAN cities like Bali and Bangkok from S$18 (RM60).

Teen dazzles while wearing AirAsia uniform

In the second video, Zoe dazzles in an AirAsia cabin crew uniform.

Source: @flyairasia on TikTok

As she dances on the rooftop of a building, her natural effervescence makes one want to fly AirAsia hoping that the cabin crew on your flight are as cheerful as her.

While there’s no promo advertised on this clip, there doesn’t seem to be any need for one, as Zoe’s charm is enough.

Zoe teases collab on TikTok

Just before the AirAsia videos were released, fans might have had an inkling this would happen.

That’s because Zoe posted a TikTok video teasing the collaboration, announcing that she had a “big and exciting project coming up”.

Source: @zoegabriel on TikTok

Asking viewers to guess who it was with, she said they had just won the World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline award.

That award was presented to AirAsia in November 2022 for the 10th year in a row, along with World’s Leading Low-Cost Airline Cabin Crew for the sixth consecutive year.

As if that wasn’t a big enough clue, Zoe said the company’s CEO shares the same birthday as her — 30 Apr.

AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes was reportedly born on 30 Apr 1964 in Kuala Lumpur.

Source: airasia Super App on Facebook

Whether this had anything to do with the airline’s decision to work with Zoe is uncertain, but it probably didn’t hurt.

Haters didn’t bring her down but caused star to rise higher

So far, AirAsia hasn’t revealed anything about the content they’ve created with Zoe or why they chose her.

However, they probably know Zoe became famous when she was mocked online for describing her Charles & Keith bag as “luxury”.

In a stunning development, she was invited to lunch with their founders and model for them in a campaign for International Women’s Day.

Teen Mocked Over Charles & Keith Bag Now Models For Them As A Brand Ambassador

Considering they’re a low-cost airline, AirAsia may have thought that made her the perfect person to collaborate with.

Whatever the reason, we’re glad that the haters failed to bring Zoe down but caused her star to rise higher instead.

We wish her all the best for what the future brings.

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Featured image adapted from @flyairasia on TikTok and TikTok.

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