Temasek Foundation Masks Can Be Secured Behind The Head Without Extenders

Those who wear headscarves or any headgear that covers the ears would know how troublesome wearing a mask can be.

We often need extenders or masks with very long strings which we can secure at the back of our heads. Thankfully, Temasek Foundation had such difficulties in mind when releasing their free masks, which come with a helpful contraption.

They even provided a video demonstration to show everyone how to use it.

Loops can tie securely at the back of the head

At first glance, the mask looks like any cloth mask we’ve seen, with stretchable ear loops that sit comfortably around our ears.

As it turns out, however, the loops are a lot more elastic than we thought.

Instead of simply resting on our ears, they can stretch further back and be secured at the back of our heads, or our necks.


All you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

No need for mask extenders

To transform the Temasek Foundation mask into one that’s adaptable for hijabis, first place the mask over your nose and mouth.

Then, pull both loops all the way to the back of your head and clasp them together.

On one side, pull the round bead slightly down to create a little loop at the end.


Slip the knotted end of the other side through the loop and push the bead back up to secure it.


You’ll end up with something that looks like this, which appears a lot more convenient and comfortable than a mask extender.


Quite amazing right? We bet you can’t wait to share this information with your friends.

Collection of Temasek Foundation masks till 4 Oct

If you haven’t collected your free masks yet, you have till the end of today (4 Oct) to get them as the deadline is 11.59pm.

Now that you know how adaptable they can be, you’d certainly need one for yourself.

Essential workers who have to wear masks for hours on end, especially, would appreciate this neat trick.

Try it out on your masks if you already have them, or ask your friends if they happen to have extra to spare.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.