New Covid-19 Test Kits Show Results In 10 Mins, Faster Than Taking MRT From Bishan To Orchard

Singapore Firm’s New Covid-19 Test Kits Will Be Available By Apr 2020

Singapore has undoubtedly been a leader in terms of Covid-19 testing. We’ve already tested around 39,000 people, and are even sending test kits to other countries who need them, too.

Test kits sent to Myanmar

It takes between 3 hours to 3 days for Covid-19 test results to come back, and the test has to be done at a hospital.

This Singapore-based firm is looking to change that, slashing time taken for results to show up to a mere 10 minutes with a test kit that can even be used on the ground.

Test kit shows results in 10 minutes

The test kits are manufactured by Singapore-based medical firm, Biolidics Limited.

They can test for Covid-19 with over 95% accuracy, using blood, serum or plasma samples from patients, reports TODAY Online.


The test kits can be used at border checkpoints as well, to quickly test for Covid-19 in those who show symptoms.

This allows for “more effective and efficient decentralised screening”, said Biolidics Limited’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Test kits may be used in other countries as well

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority has already given the new test kits provisional authorisation for use here.

According to TODAY Online, Biolidics Limited has plans to expand overseas to countries like Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.


Hopefully, more testing will allow authorities to get a better judgement of the situation, so they may act accordingly.

Singapore has first-class medical supplies and technology to deal with Covid-19, but we can be complacent with social distancing and hygiene.

It’s our responsibility to practise safe habits and keep our distance from people for the time being.

Life will be a little dull without gatherings and outings with friends, but we’ll have to live with it if we want to get through this pandemic in one piece.

Featured image adapted from Biolidics Limited

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