Temperatures In North-Eastern Region Of Thailand May Go As Low As 7 Degrees In Dec

Chiang Rai In Thailand May Experience Winter-like Temperatures In Dec

Families often take the opportunity to travel over the December holidays, and Thailand in particular is a country that many Singaporeans like to visit.

If you think you’ll only have tonnes of shopping and eating to look forward to, you may be in for a big surprise.

Consider packing some extra layers of clothing, as Thailand is likely to experience almost winter-like temperatures in December.


According to World Of Buzz, the Thai Meteorological Department has said that temperatures in Thailand can go as low as 7 degrees in north-eastern regions such as Chiang Rai.

However, if you are visiting places such as Bangkok, the temperatures may be around 15 to 17 degrees, which is still pretty cold for us tropical creatures.

Why is it getting so cold?

This predicted decrease in temperature is mostly due to the current cold front that has been around Thailand since early October.


This cold front has been causing rain and wind in the northern region of Thailand. It is forecasted that the temperature up North will decrease by 1 or 2 degrees between today (10 Oct) and tomorrow (11 Oct), and another 1 to 3 degrees between 12 and 13 October.

Generally low temperatures in specific cities in Thailand

Thailand is a big country when compared to Singapore, so the temperature of the cities will vary. Here are some of the predicted weather conditions of the more familiar cities.

  • Chiang Rai(7 to 9°C)
  • Chiang Mai (12 to 14°C)
  • Phuket, (20 to 22°C)
  • Bangkok (15 to 17°C).
  • Sakhan Nakhon (7 to 9°C)


Escape Singapore’s humidity

Meanwhile in Singapore, temperatures may reach up to 30 degrees, based on forecasts by  Accuweather.

If you’re already feeling hot and bothered just reading that, we’d suggest planning your December Thailand trip well in advance.


Otherwise, you can stay here in sunny Singapore and get some Vitamin D from basking in the heat. At least you won’t have to spend more on all the extra layers of clothing.

Will you be visiting Thailand in December? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Tripsavvy.

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