Visitors From Singapore & 8 Other Countries Won’t Have To Self-Quarantine, Health Monitors In Place At Checkpoints

UPDATE (4 Mar) 4.50pm: The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has confirmed on Facebook that self-quarantine is not required for visitors from Singapore yet.

However, stricter health monitoring will be in place at all immigration checkpoints.

TAT has not received word from the government that there’ll be self-quarantine measures applied to visitors from high-risk Covid-19 countries.

We’ll update the post when there is more information. For now, do be aware that self-quarantine measures are not official as of 4 March.


As the Covid-19 outbreak worsens globally, many countries are taking steps to regulate incoming visitors, including Singapore.

Thailand, a popular destination for Singaporeans, is stepping up containment efforts for visitors from 9 “high-risk” countries, instead of outright banning them.


The full list of countries included Singapore and also the following others:

  • China + Hong Kong & Macau
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Iran

Visitors and residents arriving from these countries were advised to quarantine themselves for 14 days, reported The Straits Times on Wednesday (4 Mar).

This will apparently take effect once the Thai royal gazette is updated. The measures are not official as of 4 Mar.

Visitors must report whereabouts to authorities & self-quarantine

In measures not dissimilar to Stay-Home Notices in Singapore, Thai authorities were apparently advising visitors to stay indoors for 2 weeks.

The report mentioned that they must “refrain from leaving their residences”, stay in isolated rooms and keep at least a 1-metre distance from other people.

Not only that, daily temperature takings are a must and they must report any symptoms.

Visitors must also provide a valid address at immigration, or else they’ll be deported back to where they came.

There’ll also be strict punishments for breaking the order: maximum 1 year of jail and up to S$4423 (100,000 baht) fine.

Outbreak in more countries necessitate tough measure

The Covid-19 outbreak is slowing down in some of the most-hit countries like China, but many other countries are bracing for higher numbers.

In light of this, it makes sense for authorities to take action. If the self-quarantine rules do take effect, this will undoubtedly dissuade tourists from visiting Thailand.

We’re not sure how these rules will work for people who aren’t staying for 14 days, for example. It seems there are more details that need to be ironed out.

Featured image adapted from Thailand News.