The Chilled Closet Lets You Rent Winter Wear For $3-4/ Day

Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to buy winter wear for your 7-day trip to Korea? Well, here’s a fix for you: rent them.

A Singapore-based winter wear rental company, The Chilled Closet, is renting out winter wear for as low as $3 per day.

They have a wide variety of winter clothing for both genders that will protect you from the upcoming winter season.


You don’t need to buy new bulky winter wear

Washing your winter wear can be quite expensive as most of them have to be sent to the dry wash.

However, if you rent from The Chill Closet, they’ll bear the cost of cleaning all rented pieces. Furthermore, by renting from them, you can save space in your wardrobe.


The best part is that The Chilled Closet offers their customers free delivery and collection, saving you time, money, and considerable effort.

You can also rent out your own winter wear

For those of you who already have your own sets of winter wear collecting dust from your previous trips, there’s good news for you.

The Chilled Closet also has a service that allows you to rent out your very own winter wear through them.


This allows you to earn passive income by doing so and the process is very easy to complete. They will even help you wash and maintain your winter wear.

Just fill up the application form and read the terms & conditions carefully.

Featured image adapted from WallpaperAcess & The Chill Closet.