Thief Brazenly Stealing Bag From Woman’s Lap In KL Reminds Us To Be Alert When Lepaking

Thief Brazenly Steals Bag From Woman’s Lap At Café In Kuala Lumpur

When travelling, it’s always best to safeguard your belongings so you don’t fall victim to snatch thieves. The world can be a scary place, after all.

For those who carry their bags around, you may likely protect your valuables by placing them in front, on your lap.

But even so, it’s shocking to learn that this may not be a foolproof way.

In a CCTV footage shared on Fabrications About The PAP, we see a thief audaciously stealing a woman’s bag straight from the ‘safety’ of her lap.


This incident apparently took place at a cafe in Kuala Lumpur. Here’s a rough breakdown of how it all happened.

Man in black cap lingering around the cafe

At the start of the video, the lady in a light blue shirt was seen having a conversation with 2 guys.

Meanwhile, a man dressed in full-black and wearing a black cap, entered the cafe.


He then started to linger around, seemingly talking on the phone.


Thief steals bag right out of lady’s lap

After which, he slowly approached the table. He acted as if he was casually walking past the table. Little did the lady in blue knew, that he was eyeing her as his target.


The moment he arrived next to the lady, he swiftly reached his hands towards the bag on her lap, snatched it, and ran away.


When the woman and her friends realised what happened, they stood up immediately while one of the guys went ahead to chase the thief.

Details on whether or not the thief have been nabbed was not revealed.

Be aware of our surroundings

Given the fact that the woman’s bag was blatantly stolen even though it was on her lap, this proves that keeping your belongings close to you is not a full-proof anti-theft method.

It is times like this when skilled thieves catch you off guard, because you may never know when you’re indirectly giving them easy access to make their move.

To fellow Singaporeans who plan to travel overseas, remember to be acutely aware of your surroundings. Never take safety for granted.

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