TOTO Jackpot Prize Reaches S$8M For 14 Jul Lottery, Snowballed Over 3 Draws

TOTO Jackpot Prize Snowballs To S$8M For 14 Jul Draw

While it may seem like an unattainable dream, many fantasise about winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire overnight.

Well, today (14 Jul) might just be that lucky day for some punters.

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The TOTO top prize has snowballed over the past three consecutive draws and has now reached a whopping S$8 million.

TOTO jackpot prize hits S$8 million on 14 Jul

Punters hoping to strike big might want to head to a Singapore Pools outlet today.

After nobody won for the past three consecutive draws, the top prize has now snowballed to an estimated S$8 million.

This comes after nobody struck the jackpot following the previous large TOTO jackpot draw on 30 Jun.

S$11 million draw on 30 Jun

Just last month, it was also estimated that the TOTO jackpot prize would reach S$8 million, having snowballed over three draws.

On 30 Jun, countless punters tried their luck and purchased TOTO tickets.

This pushed the Group 1 prize up to S$11,671,952.

But with more people participating, the chances of more individuals hitting the jackpot also increased.

At the end of the day, four winners took home winning shares of S$2,917,988 each. Still very huat.

4 TOTO Jackpot Winners Get S$2.9M Each, Compass One & Geylang Bahru Among Huat Outlets

15 punters also found themselves striking big in the Group 2 prize category, winning S$85,921 each.

Draw results out at 9.30pm

Many Singaporeans dream of one day winning the top TOTO prize.

If you feel like trying your luck, you might want to get your tickets before sales close.

After that, stay tuned for the results, which will be released at 9.30pm today. Best of luck!

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