TOTO Top Prize Reaches S$8M For 30 Jun Draw, Nobody Struck Jackpot For 3 Weeks

TOTO Top Prize Reaches S$8M For 30 Jun Draw, Nobody Struck Jackpot For 3 Weeks

TOTO Top Prize Snowballs To S$8 Million On 30 Jun Draw

While some Singaporeans are regular lottery buyers, it’s an even more exciting time when the TOTO jackpot snowballs to a really big number.

If you’re looking to try your luck at striking big, here’s a chance for you.

For the next TOTO draw on Thursday (30 Jun), the top prize has snowballed to a whopping S$8 million.

The large prize pool comes about as nobody won the Group 1 prize for the last three weeks.

TOTO jackpot prize reaches S$8 million

For the past three weeks, the TOTO Group 1 prize has remained untouched.

When nobody won the 20 Jun jackpot, the prize money reached S$2,690,293 for the 23 Jun draw.

The top prize remained untouched again and snowballed to S$5,550,096 for the 27 Jun draw. Still, punters failed to claim the jackpot.

Because of this, the jackpot prize has now snowballed to an eye-watering estimate of S$8 million for the upcoming Thursday (30 Jun) draw.

The results of the 30 Jun draw will be out at 9.30pm that day.

Four same winning numbers in 23 Jun and 27 Jun draw

Interestingly, there might be a reason why nobody was able to score the top TOTO prize for so long.

For the past two draws, four of the same winning numbers appeared.

The numbers 24, 27, 32, and 38 turned up in both draws on 23 Jun and 27 Jun.

This could be something to take into account for punters who are looking to try their luck in tomorrow’s draw.

Best of luck to punters

While TOTO prizes snowballing is nothing new, it is always an exciting time that draws long queues at Singapore Pools outlets around the island.

If you’re hoping to take this chance to fulfil your overnight millionaire dreams, MS News wishes you the best of luck!

After all, if four of the same numbers can appear in two consecutive draws, you might just be lucky enough to be a winner too.

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