Tourist Sees MBS & Says S’pore Malls Are For Rich People, Locals Suggest Heartland Alternatives

Aussie Tourist Shocked By Luxury Stores At The Shoppes At MBS But Overall Impressed

With the number of malls in Singapore, it’s no surprise that most tourists will come here to shop.

One such tourist from Australia visited The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and expressed her shock at the selection of stores.

TikTok content creator Jessie Carr pointed out the range of designer brands in the mall.

@_jessiecarr Shopping centres in singapore be like.. 🇸🇬 🛍️ #singapore #singaporeshoppingcentre #marinabaysands #solotravel #solotrip #solo #singaporetravel ♬ original sound – _jessiecarr

Despite the surprise, she still expressed her awe at the shopping mall, calling it “incredible”.

Points out numerous luxury stores at The Shoppes at MBS

On Friday (25 Aug), Jessie posted a TikTok of her walking around The Shoppes at MBS.

She started her video by saying:

Don’t go to a shopping centre in Singapore unless you’re rich.

However, Jessie was quick to reflect that maybe MBS is the exception to the norm.

She then noted all the different designer brands she saw, from Bottega Veneta to Bvlgari.

Source: @_jessiecarr on TikTok

“I have not seen one affordable store that I could actually spend money at,” she said while exploring MBS.

Eventually, though, Jessie did stumble upon such stores — jokingly calling it “the poor people side of the shops”.

She spotted brands like Sephora, Adidas, and Bath & Body Works.

“How funny, I wonder if by the time I get to the end of this side of the shopping centre, it’ll be like S$2 shops,” she exclaimed.

Tourist awestruck by MBS Apple store & indoor boat ride

Unfortunately for Jessie, such shops do not exist in MBS and she instead chanced upon a food court and more designer stores.

She then spent some time in Sephora and noted that the prices of the items were similar to those in Australia.

Her explorations eventually brought her to the “floating” TWG Tea cafe where she seemed entranced by the “gold teapots”.

Source: @_jessiecarr on TikTok

“I just find it crazy that a place as big as this only really has designer stores,” she remarked.

Apart from browsing the stores, Jessie sussed out the toilets noting the ambient music and the size of the cubicles.

Source: @_jessiecarr on TikTok

She also pointed out the aesthetic details from the mirror to the tiles.

Though Jessie missed out on the mall’s gondola ride, she described it as “bougie”.

Her last stop was the outdoor Apple store where she gave her viewers a tour of the interior.

“I’m honestly so impressed by this place,” she said. “It’s incredible”.

Singaporeans suggest cheaper malls

Locals who’ve seen Jessie’s video were mostly helpful in their comments.

One commenter said that she was at the wrong shopping mall, noting that they can’t afford much there too.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, another user recommended a range of shopping centres for her to visit — from VivoCity to heartland malls like Junction 8.

Source: TikTok

While some tourists may find the country expensive, others have explored Singapore while on a budget.

Earlier this month, a couple documented how they spent their day with only S$135.

Like Jessie, they too visited the iconic MBS.

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Featured image adapted from @_jessiecarr on TikTok.

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